Entertainment Experience LLC Leverages eeColorPlus™ Technology To Reduce Power Requirements For Mobile Digital Displays By Up To 50%

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Gives users the option to have a brighter display or longer battery life without loss of color quality

Entertainment Experience, LLC

By reducing brightness without desaturation of the image colors, eeColorPlus™ lets users experience better battery life in the many circumstances where a very bright display is not needed.

Entertainment Experience LLC and Razzor Technologies Inc. jointly announced today that they have measured an up to 50% reduction in power use on mobile digital displays in smart phones and tablets with eeColorPlus™ installed. In many applications, the display is the largest consumer of battery power in the device and is always a major consumer of power. By reducing brightness without desaturation of the image colors, eeColorPlus™ lets users experience better battery life in the many circumstances where a very bright display is not needed. And because the relationship between display brightness and power is not linear, reducing brightness by just 30% can cut power use in half.

"Expanding the range of applications and features supported by eeColor is a logical next step for us," said John Parkinson, CEO of Entertainment Experience. "The combined technology we have developed and integrated not only allows us to further improve the quality of displayed still and video images, but simultaneously allows us to reduce the power needed to achieve any given level of brightness. With eeColorPlus™, a mobile device user can choose between a brighter image, for example when viewing in sunlight, and a longer battery life in the many situations when brightness isn’t needed."

The eeColorPlus™ processing model can be used for any current or future display technology, with any color gamut capability, including the new generation of Ultra High Definition (4k) displays. The result is highly accurate colors without the artifacts that were typical of previous color management methods.

"What is especially groundbreaking about our design is that it is implemented in software, so there is no additional hardware cost involved, minimal power penalty when running and we are able to easily keep up with the rapidly evolving processing capability of current and future graphics processors, working across many different vendors’ devices," said Parkinson.
eeColorPlus™ customers include top global Original Design and Manufacturing companies and the brands for whom they work, and implementations are available for DirectX (Microsoft Windows) Android and iOS devices.

About Entertainment Experience
Entertainment Experience, LLC, was established in 2008 with a global focus changing the cost and value performance of digital entertainment solutions in homes. With the evolution of technology, it now travels with us. The company has seen a need to broaden its scope to look into optimizing all sorts of digital entertainment solutions. With its eeColor technology, EE has been creating solutions for all sorts of technology to adapt with the human eye-brain connection to process and project images in a similar, optimal manner. With their unique ability to provide the most affordable and highest quality color and visual experience on the market today, EE is on the fast track to provide and offer a premium viewing experience with all sorts of technology to users. For more information on Entertainment Experience, please visit http://www.eecolor.com/.

About Razzor Technologies, Inc.
Razzor Technologies was established in 2012 by veterans of the semiconductor design industry. Razzor, based in Irvine, CA, develops sophisticated but extremely efficient algorithms and software for adaptive image processing. Razzor's vision is to enhance every display with Razzor's Video Processing Algorithms. Major OEMs and ODMs benefit from Razzor's custom algorithms by getting better video quality without having to pay for higher cost displays. In addition Razzor's algorithms enable potentially significant power savings on mobile devices.

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