Gourmet by Nature Brings France’s Tea Secret to RevNutrition.com

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Special blends now available that provide new flavor combinations.

Gourmet by Nature has announced the expansion of its line of new and exotic tea flavorings to health and wellness website RevNutrition.com. The range of teas, are based on the concepts of sustainability, gourmet flavor, and healthy living. Each is grown and processed on farms in the African nation of Senegal.

“Senegal has a warm climate and excellent soil for growing our teas,” said Bator Diarra, CEO of Gourmet by Nature. “We grow our products naturally, without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We respect the natural cycle of the plants and the integrity of the soil.”

Diarra’s vision was to create a company that stays away from the typical flavors and enhancers often found in common Asian blends of teas. The Gourmet by Nature teas, follow HACCP and GAP practices

“The market is mostly made up of the same teas proposed by different brands because they all outsource their teas from the same places,” said Diarra. “For the most part, it’s the same thing with different brands.”

The line of herbal teas includes original formulations of such flavors as Bouquet Parfait, Ruby Cinnamon, and Senegalese Breakfast. Other varieties highlight flavors like cardanella, mint-basil, and lemongrass. The handpicked Lemongrass tea tastes different than its Asian counterpart, which has earned it high praise from tea enthusiasts and neophytes alike.

“I knew that we had something special when people told me that they had never tasted something so good,” said Diarra. “I had to taste around ten varieties of lemon grass to find the two we are working with right now. We wanted to use the best spices in the world to create something different.”

Besides offering unique combinations of spices, the herbals teas are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Researchers have shown they can help your body detoxify, lower your cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, and help support healthy sleep patterns.

“If you have an ailment, something that you need to treat on a daily basis, then why not treat it with something that actually tastes good?” said Diarra. “Our teas are not compromised by flavors or additives. This is the raw product and nothing else.”

To learn more about the Gourmet by Nature brand, visit http://www.gourmet-by-nature.com

To purchase Gourmet by Nature teas, please visit http://revnutrition.com/index.php?route=product/manufacturer&manufacturer_id=213

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