Ashley Black of FasciAnatomy Invents a Tool Called the Fascia Blaster That Promotes Healthy Circulation, Preventing Serious Health Problems Without Drugs or Surgery

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A tool originally invented by renowned Fasciologist, Ashley Black, for sports performance in professional athletes is now proving to have health benefits for a problem that affects at least 1 out of every 4 Americans.

The FasciaBlaster in use

Fascia is overlooked in medical training

With the number of adults working desk jobs, the amount of people who suffer from circulatory problems is ever growing. Currently, the most popular forms of treatment are medication and surgical intervention. Until now, most of the research and knowledge of circulatory issues have been directed at what is happening on the inside of the veins and arteries instead of what is happening at a root cause level on the outside. Dari Samia, a 22 year veteran of Vascular surgery, says, “We are treating a problem that is a result of bad fascia, instead focusing on creating healthy fascia to prevent and reverse the problem. This is simply because fascia is overlooked in medical training."

Ashley Black defines the 4 types of fascia the connective tissue that runs in mummy-like strips throughout the human body. It is tied together with a cobweb-like matrix that fills every square inch from head to toe, hand to hand and inside out. Fasciologist Ashley Black says, “It's completely insane to me that fascia is barely considered in vascular disease and circulatory problems, because veins and arteries run through the fascia. The fascia is to veins and arteries what the garden hose is to water running through it."

Disrupted circulation can cause a host of symptoms including high blood pressure, loss of pump in muscles, restless leg syndrome, myo-fascial pain, cramping, inflammation, edema, and numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. A lack of blood flow can also limit oxygen and nutrients to cells and cause muscle atrophy. Samia says, “In theory if a vessel flows ‘straight,’ then the blood can flow freely, but if it has a ‘bend or crimp,’ then the blood hits the ‘corners’ and can cause plaque buildup. This can cause more serious problems such as heart attack, necrosis to lower extremities, stroke, aneurism and even death.” Black explains that the fascia is what chokes out the blood and is at the root of all of these problems. She says, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make the link between fascia and vascular problems if you simply look at the anatomy."

Samia says, “The drugs to address vascular problems are really extreme because of the side effects and costs. Surgery is high risk and has downtime and pain. Treating the fascia should be our first step." Black, who has spent her career pioneering fascia techniques with professional athletes, is thrilled that her invention, the Fascia Blaster, is impacting the vascular world Black says, “The Fascia Blaster significantly increases blood flow as measured by a Doppler. This is profound because people can be empowered to treat themselves and totally bypass drugs and surgery. I am all for that."

Users are already benefiting from the effects of the Fascia Blaster. Hector Saucedo, a diebetic who was at risk for losing his feet due to decreased blood flow, used the Fascia Blaster for a month. He reports, “My doctor was totally amazed at the measurable improvement in my feet. They have come back to life.“ Teresa Vancoponolle, who participated in a 60 day trial study for cellulite reduction with the Fascia Blaster, reports, “I not only eliminated my cellulite, my long time trouble with edema has ended." Black is hopeful that Fasciology and the Fascia Blaster will become mainstream protocol for preventing vascular issues and wants to conduct more research. In the meantime, she says, “If the Fascia Blaster can help one person, then all the years of research and the blood sweat and tears I have poured into this product will be well worth it."

Fascia Blaster is not to be used on patients that have a blood clot or a history of deep vein thrombosis.

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