My Insurance Broker Announces Important Safety Tips During Fire Prevention Week

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My Insurance Broker, the highly successful Ontario based Canadian brokerage agency, is issuing valuable tips for prevention against fire hazards to all their clients during the Fire Prevention Week along with a Kidde smoke detector free of charge to any customer who requests a quote for insurance coverage on the company website from October 9th to December 1st.The list covers safety tips for Smoke Detectors and Alarm Systems, Dryers, Gas Stoves, Heaters etc. amongst others. These tips are highly recommended for the safety and welfare of you and your family from fire hazards.

My Insurance Broker, with its company hub office and support center in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, is announcing an important list of valuable tips for all clients during Fire Prevention Week. This innovative insurer was founded by a small group of savvy brokers in the summer of 2008. Over the last six years, the company has grown extensively, offering a full selection of coverage types, with branch offices now spreading throughout Southern Ontario. It is currently a highly respected member of the Canadian insurance industry.

This insurer is comprised of a well-experienced and dedicated group of professional insurance brokers with an average of ten years of service. The company is known for its highly competitive prices and superior quality client services. Along with full insurance coverage and support, this insurer also offers valuable education to prospective customers on all types of policies in multiple languages.

Company Support Offered to Clients for Fire Prevention

To promote and observe Fire Prevention Week safety, My Insurance Broker is offering, free of charge, a Kidde smoke detector each time a customer requests a quote for insurance coverage on the company website. This fire prevention perk is being offered from October 9 through December 1, 2014. All online quotes are free, and all potential clients are encouraged to request quotes for any type of insurance policy needed on the company website, This fine insurance brokerage, along with other insurers across Ontario, has the ongoing purpose and goal of assuring the complete safety and well-being of all clients, both potential and currently insured.

Major Fire Safety Tips and Practices Announced by My Insurance Broker

To announce its observance of Fire Safety Week and emphasize the importance of strong fire prevention measures, My Insurance Broker is issuing a list of ten major tips for ensuring the safety of you, your family and your property:

1. Smoke Detectors and Alarm Systems. - Monitor all home smoke detectors and fire alarm systems on a regular, ongoing basis to ensure that they are working properly. Test their batteries frequently to avoid weak or unreliable functioning. Modern smoke detectors are usually equipped with battery-test buttons. If your home's installed smoke detectors have no visible buttons or levers for testing battery power, check their operating manuals for testing instructions. Also, always keep a supply of fresh batteries at home so you can replace worn-out batteries immediately.

2. Dryers. - Before drying a freshly washed load of clothing, linens or other items, always check your dryer's lint screen for lint deposits. Home fires often originate in dryers. If lint should accumulate in the dryer body or inside the ducts to the outside vent, the lint could easily ignite, quickly spreading to all areas of the dryer's ventilation network. You should also be careful to keep the outside vent opening (or bird screen) free of lint as a fire prevention measure. However, dryer fires are easily managed and extinguished if your smoke detectors and home fire alarm system are operating properly.

3. Fire-Extinguisher. - Always keep at least one fire-extinguisher in your home that all family members can easily reach and operate. You may want to have one in both your kitchen and laundry areas to ensure safety. If you have a working fireplace, a wood-burning stove or an outdoor grill positioned near your house, it is wise to keep extinguishers in these places as well. Make sure all fire-extinguishing equipment is up-to-date, functioning well and inspected regularly.

4. Candles. - If you often light candles in your home, be sure that candle flames are completely snuffed before leaving the house or going to sleep. Also keep all lit candles away from paper items, curtains, clothing and all other flammable materials.

5. Cigarettes. - When smoking in your home, extinguish all cigarette butts thoroughly in an ashtray. Refrain from tossing butts you have just extinguished into a wastebasket or trash bag because the ashes may re-ignite, especially if flammable materials are in the basket or bag. Take the same precautions when using matches for any purpose indoors.

6. Gas Stoves. - When using a gas stove for cooking, always keep the burners free of grease and grime. If your stove will not light, turn the gas off until the problem is solved. If you detect a gas leak, open nearby windows, leave your home and call your gas supply company for help.

7. Kitchen Appliances. - Keep all electrical and gas appliances in your kitchen as clean as possible. When doing heavy cleaning, get help for moving large appliances so you can clean any debris from behind or beneath them. Also, clean your range hood and fans frequently to prevent possible fires.

8. Heaters. - Use of space heaters is common in many homes during chilly and cold weather. Take care to place them in open spaces, free of any obstructions that may block or touch the heating units.

9. Heating Appliances Used Irregularly. - Appliances like fabric irons, curling irons or electric coffee pots that you may not use every day should always be unplugged after each use.

10. Hairdryers. - Avoid placing hairdryers too close to your head or any flammable sprays while in use. Do not leave them turned on for long periods of time in steamy bath areas to prevent shorting out of the electrical mechanism.

Whether you are currently insured or seeking insurance in the form of automobile, home, commercial, life or travel insurance, injury or damage from fire is always a concern. By following My Insurance Broker's advice and taking proper caution to prevent fires, you can help keep yourself, your family and your property safe and secure from fires.

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