Survival College CEO Scott Harris Announces Intention to Build Self-Sustaining Survival Retreat

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Harris, an entrepreneur and survival expert, seeks to partner with a landowner to create the ultimate survival retreat.

In the event of civil unrest, terrorism, natural disaster or any other threat to modern society, having a safe place to go is something that everyone should consider. Many wealthy people have land or ranches that they would use as a safe haven, but how long could they comfortably live there without food, supplies, and energy readily available from the outside?

Scott Harris, Founder and CEO of Survival College, is seeking a partnership where his expertise, knowledge and background can make this a reality. “Building a completely self-sustaining property has been a dream of mine for over 10 years. I have been studying everything from organic farming and raising poultry and livestock, to power production and water purification; there are a ton of aspects that need to be considered in order to be self sufficient.” In addition to being the CEO of Survival College, an organization dedicated to teaching people survival skills, Scott has had a lot of life experiences that make him especially well suited for this kind of project. He lived five years in the Caribbean on the islands of St. Croix and Dominican Republic. Water on those islands was collected from the rooftop and stored in cisterns and had to be heavily filtered and purified before drinking. He also owned a solar company on St. Croix that installed solar panels on businesses and residences for electric power.

Although his background is largely in high tech, Scott is somewhat a jack of all trades and feels as comfortable sitting in a board room as he does driving a tractor, framing a house, or raising livestock. He is an avid outdoorsman and hunter, he can fly planes or jump out of them (usually not both in the same flight), he has a 50 foot sailing yacht in the Caribbean that he single handedly captains, and he pursues many other hobbies and interests.

Scott’s goal is to form a mutually beneficial arrangement with someone who owns land that is conducive to being self-sustaining. Ultimately the right solution would be someplace that he and his wife would want to eventually move to and raise a family. This has the additional advantage in the fact that Scott and his wife will help manage the property and having him around will greatly increase security of the retreat. Scott is a federally licensed firearms dealer with an impressive cache of firearms and ammunition. Scott has been an entrepreneur his entire life and currently has multiple investments and businesses in the United States and the Caribbean, but he laments that even though he has considerable net worth, including a significant stake in a privately held technology company that does over $200 million a year in revenue, he does not have the liquid investment capital to purchase the kind of land he wants to build his survival retreat on. “I have been waiting for an exit on my largest investment so I can buy the land I want, but unfortunately I do not see that happening as soon as I would like it to.”

The good news is that Scott isn't alone in believing that having a self-sufficient and off-the-grid retreat is a good idea. Scott’s impatience in waiting for liquidity could be a huge win for someone who already has the land and may not have the time or expertise to make a completely self-sustaining retreat a reality. Scott emphasizes that it isn't all about preparing for the “end of the world” type scenarios. The ranch should be fun as well and a place where we can educate others on how to be self-sustaining. Eating organic food we have grown or raised ourselves, as well as drinking water that we have purified ourselves that doesn't have chlorine or fluoride added to it is simply a healthy way to live. There is much more to it than just power and water, Scott has put a considerable amount of planning into such a retreat. “There is so much to consider that many people never even think about, such as toiletries, medicines and vitamins, clothing, laundry detergent, soap, and many other items that are taken for granted.” Although people lived for centuries without a lot of modern items, with proper planning, it is possible to have in place resources so that even if there was a reason for an extended isolation, such as a global pandemic or extended civil unrest, the residents at the retreat would live in comfort and security for a period of many months up to several years.

Scott isn't convinced the world is coming to an end, “Is the United States going to collapse into chaos and civil unrest? Probably not, but there are quite a few scenarios that could potentially occur over the next 20 or so years where having a safe, self-sustaining retreat would become a huge asset, possibly even an asset that makes the difference between life and death.” A few examples could be a global pandemic, mass terrorist attacks on US soil, or even a war, here or abroad. Any of these things could cause supply chain disruptions and trigger civil unrest. It is easy to understand that if any of these events were to occur that it would be much more comfortable to wait it out on a self-sustaining, well protected ranch.

Scott believes that much of the best land is already owned by someone or held in family trusts. If you own land and like the idea of it becoming a self-sustaining retreat, you should get in contact with Scott to discuss possibilities.

Scott Harris can be reached directly at 919-888-2910 or via email at scott(at)

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