Beckman Coulter Webinar Presents Analytical Ultracentrifugation of Carbon Nanotubes

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The November 12, 2014 Webinar, hosted by LabRoots, will focus on discussion of concerns, details, assumptions, and problems in utilizing Sedimentation Velocity for nanoparticles.

Jeffrey Fagan, PhD - Chemical Engineer, Lead Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Sedimentation velocity (SV) experiments on dispersed nanoparticles are a powerful method for determining otherwise hard to evaluate properties of the nanoparticle such as the density and size of the adsorbed interfacial layer, or for a direct evaluation of the entire distribution of a property such as particle size. The ability to measure these properties in situ in either aqueous or non-aqueous media, and via multiple detection techniques, provides information not readily available through other methods such as electron microscopy.

Beckman Coulter is sponsoring a new educational webinar, “Analytical Ultracentrifugation of Carbon Nanotubes,” which will discuss methodology for the characterization of an important class of nanomaterials via SV, particularly involving variations of density contrast experiments to elucidate different interfacial parameters.

Single-wall carbon nanotubes are a family of chemical species comprised entirely of a “rolled up” single layer hexagonal lattice of carbon. Depending on the diameter of the formed cylinder, and the vector of the hexagonal lattice relative to the tube axis, these nanoparticles can be metallic, semi-metallic or semi-conducting, each having unique optical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Many of the applications for this set of materials however depend on the properties of the material when dispersed in the liquid phase, or contain liquid phase processing steps. The key aspects of liquid phase dispersion and processing though hinge on controlling the properties of the interfacial layer between the nanotube and the solution to enable dispersion, selective fractionation and/or biocompatibility. Density contrast variation methods combined with sedimentation velocity experiments provide a high resolution methodology for evaluating this interface.

The speaker will be Jeffrey A Fagan, PhD, Chemical Engineer, Lead Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Dr. Fagan will present results detailing the use of such density contrast techniques on the characterization of the interfacial layer on specific SWCNT species that demonstrate the power of analytical ultracentrifugation to resolve this interfacial layer.

The free webinar, hosted by LabRoots, will be presented on November 12, 2014, at 8:00am PDT, 11:00am EDT.

Dr. Jeffrey Fagan is a staff scientist in the Materials Science and Engineering Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Part of the Complex Fluids group, he currently leads the Particles, Tubes, and Colloids Project, which is addressing metrological and processing barriers for single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and other nanomaterials in the service of NIST’s role in promoting US commerce.

For full details and free registration, click here.

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