Home Leaks and Water Damage? There's an App for That!

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Water Hero ™ pre-orders for the device go live on Kickstarter today

Water Hero ™ straps to the side of a home’s existing water meter and monitors leak activity and water usage. The device and app provide a powerful means for limiting severe water damage that can occur with burst pipes and leaks.

Water Hero ™, an innovator in home water leak and burst pipe detection, today launched its ground-breaking, $199 smartphone-enabled leak-detection and prevention system. The company is accepting pre-orders for the device via a Kickstarter campaign.

Water Hero ™ straps to the side of a home’s existing water meter and monitors leak activity and water usage. It includes an auto shutoff motor that easily clamps over an existing manual ball valve water shutoff and is triggered if pre-set water flow thresholds are exceeded. Water Hero ™ can be accessed and managed via a smartphone, tablet or PC browser. The device and app provide a powerful means for limiting severe water damage that can occur with burst pipes and leaks, which are homeowners’ top insurance claims.

The Water Hero ™ dashboard provides data and graphs for a complete view of home water, usage which can be used to pinpoint slow leaks, calculate the savings in upgrading to more efficient water use appliances or as part of a home water conservation strategy. Water Hero ™ also has a temperature and humidity sensor which can text an alert warning to the owner of a pipe freeze risk or crossing of other owner-defined thresholds.

Water Hero ™ is less expensive than competitors because it is “non-invasive”; it installs over a homeowner's existing water meter and manual ball-valve shutoff. It also offers more functionality by using cost-effective Smartphone and Cloud-based technology. Competitive systems have a control panel in a closet that homeowners have to remember to set when they are away from home. With Water Hero ™, a homeowner's smartphone is their control panel, so it is always handy. Competitive “invasive” systems, with less functionality and requiring plumbers to install, cost $1,500 to $2,500.

“The driver for Water Hero ™ was a damaging leak that occurred in my house,” said Dan Sterling, CEO and founder of Water Hero ™. “Knowing that a leak-detection system was a smart thing to have, I decided to design one that was cost-effective, easy to use and able to be operated via a smartphone. Water Hero ™ gives the homeowner peace of mind by quickly sensing and stopping leaks as well as providing a proactive means for water savings.”

Water Hero ™ was grand finalist at the Greentown Labs 2014 CleanWeb Hackathon and winner of the 2014 CleanWeb Data Jam.

“Water Hero ™ is a shining example of how quickly an innovative team working together can take an idea and turn it into a successful business venture, while using technology to help solve some of our greatest energy and water challenges,” said MassCEC CEO Alicia Barton.


For more information and to order Water Hero ™, visit the Water Hero ™ Kickstarter campaign page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1115949672/water-hero-protection-from-major-pipe-bursts-and-c


It protects your home from catastrophic burst pipes with an automatic shutoff motor. It also provides real time water usage data via your smartphone to help detect costly leaks. An added temperature and humidity sensor can be configured to provide text freeze alerts. It’s an easy Do-It-Yourself Install--it’s “non-invasive,” so no pipes to cut or plumber needed. You monitor and control Water Hero ™ with your smartphone, tablet or browser


The Water Hero ™ housing straps to the side of your municipal water meter. The Water Hero ™ shutoff motor clamps over an existing ball-valve shutoff. You download the Water Hero ™ App and follow the instructions. Water Hero ™ has auto leak detection built into the app, where we can alert a homeowner that they may have a slow but costly leak. EPA WaterSense data shows 10% of US homes leak 90 gallons or more per day, which would cost more than $600 annually in many water districts.

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