Best 5 Ways to Winterize Your Beauty Routine, Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing winter hair and skin care.

The hands and lips are often the first areas to develop the signs of dryness and irritation due to cold winter weather.

Weather patterns shift greatly during the winter months, with the air becoming drier and colder and many parts of the country being battered by snow and heavy winds. The harsh weather conditions that mark the winter months can cause a number of hair and skin care problems, including dry facial and body skin, irritated lips and frizzy, and unmanageable tresses. The latest article by, Best 5 Ways to Winterize Your Beauty Routine, discusses how best to adjust a hair and skin care routine to account for the effects of winter weather and reduce the chances of hair and skin care problems developing.

Even women who are prone to oiliness, skin congestion and acne may develop temporary dry skin symptoms during the winter months. What can women with normal to oily skin do to prevent patchy dryness? How should they adjust their beauty routines to account for winter weather? Which products should they use to care for their skin? To find out, visit or click:

Women with normal to dry skin must be very gentle to their complexions during the winter months in order to avoid severe skin dehydration. Is there any way that women with dry skin can add extra hydration to their daily regimens? What can those with dry skin do to avoid over-drying their skin while cleansing? Which types of products are best to add to a winter skin care regimen for normal to dry skin? To find out, visit or click:

The hands and lips are often the first places to develop signs of dryness and irritation due to cold temperatures, dry air and winds. How can women keep their lips soothed during the winter months? Which lip care products should be added to a winter regimen? What can be done to protect the hands from winter weather? To find out, visit or click:

Central heating often makes conditions dry during the winter months, and this can lead to static buildup that gives rise to frizzy hair and fly-aways. What is the best way for women to battle the effects of wintertime static? How can women neutralize static with ease? Are there any hair care products that can improve manageability? To find out, visit or click:

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