21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock™, Now Available in the US without a Prescription, is Only Dietary Supplements to Contain Proprietary Blend of GlutenBlock

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21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock™, now available without a prescription in the US, is scientifically formulated for users to lose up to 21 pounds in 21 days. Its powerful, proprietary blend aids the body’s system to work at maximum levels to burn fat, regulate sugars, prevent gluten intolerance, and eliminate calories.

21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock’s winning combination of ingredients enhances the body’s own natural fat-fighting capabilities, making this FDA approved supplement a highly effective choice for rapid weight loss, no matter what habits, genetics or dieting history currently exist. The combination of 21 Thin Down’s clinically proven ingredients: 5-HTP, green tea, seaweed, and slendesta, creates a super supplement that reduces cravings, boosts metabolism, fights free-radicals, burns brown fat, and helps control hunger by keeping one fuller longer. When combined with GlutenBlock, this super supplement becomes even more powerful by addressing the emerging problem of gluten intolerance. Even more, clinical trials have shown zero side effects associated with taking 21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock.

GlutenBlock is the revolutionary enzyme that prevents gluten from being absorbed by the body. For those who are sensitive or intolerant, eating anything that contains gluten causes inflammation in the intestines and atrophy of the villi lining the intestines, which are responsible for absorbing nutrients. This prevents the body from absorbing essential vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fats from food and supplements. Currently, one in ten people suffer intestinal damage due to gluten and the number of celiac-affected individuals has quadrupled over the last 50 years. Because gluten also triggers insulin resistance causing more calories to be stored as fat, it is important that we start addressing this prevalent health problem immediately. Amy Watson, President of 21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock says, “By maximizing the body’s digestive health, GlutenBlock quickly makes anyone shed unwanted pounds and also stops them from gaining weight.”

When combined with the powerful ingredients contained in 21 Thin Down, the result is a dietary supplement with unmatched weight loss results.

However, it is imperative to note that 21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock is far more than just another weight loss supplement. In addition to its dramatic weight loss results, 21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock also helps increase the production of serotonin, which has a powerful effect on the brain. The potent dose of 5-HTP contained in 21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock actively increases the serotonin production in the body, which positively affects sleep quality, reduces appetite and pain sensations and increases sex drive. Additionally, serotonin acts as a mood enhancer and supplements have been used to fight diseases like depression, anxiety, insomnia and even obesity. Many other manufacturers mix their 5-HTP products with fillers, but 21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock is made with only 100% pure griffonia simplicifolia extract delivered inside a capsule.

About 21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock:
21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock™ has taken the most dominant individual fat fighting ingredients such as 5-HTP, Green Tea, Seaweed and Slendesta, and combined them into one powerful and effective supplement. Its proprietary blend of GlutenBlock™ aids in the digestion of gluten, which otherwise triggers insulin resistance causing more calories to be stored as fat. 21 Thin Down with GlutenBlock™ is manufactured in the US by Food and Drug Administration registered facilities, using only certified and current good manufacturing practice methods.

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