Does a New Study Show at-Risk Brain Patterns for Alcoholism?

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Harbor Village Florida comments on new study which shows that brain activity is greatly affected by alcoholism.

Georgetown University are working on four major tests which could help develop concrete answers on what makes a teenager susceptible to alcoholism – even if they haven't begun to drink yet, according to a Psych Central article dated November 16.

Their study focuses on a teenager's brain while it is still being constructed, and aims to find patterns which suggest that a young person is prone to behaving riskily.

For now, they are drawing a contrast between the brains of teenagers who have gone on to abuse drugs and alcohol, as well as those who have not. So far, they have examined more than 100 boys who have an average age of 12 or 13. Their levels of impulsiveness, not to mention whether or not they prefer immediate reward or delayed gratification, were explored in detail.

A lot of the future does seem to hinge on a young boy's emotions during his pre-adolescent years. Without actually looking at a person's familial background, it can become easy to ascertain whether their anger, irritability or pessimistic look on life could contribute to their risk factor.

Other studies explored how well connected two key areas of the brain where – the insular cortex (which handles emotional responses) and the pre-frontal cortex. According to Georgetown academics, the weaker the link between these two regions, the more likely that the subject was an impulsive being who could turn to alcohol.

There was also a lot of scrutiny on sugar intake, as alcohol can form a considerable amount of a person's calorific consumption over the course of a week or month. Existing research into alcoholics found that they have delectation for sweet products, and are more interested in immediate gratification.

The conclusions and experiences that can be drawn off this new study remains to be seen.

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