Elle Mahoney Sits Down For Orangetheory Fitness With The Tallahassee Democrat

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Elle Mahoney, franchise owner of Orangetheory Fitness in Tallahassee, FL took the time to answer some questions regarding their upcoming opening. Their studio is scheduled to open in mid to late December.

Elle Mahoney is no stranger to the exercise world, but there's something unique about Orangetheory Fitness. At the Orangetheory location in Fort Lauderdale, she experienced the program and immediately got hooked. With their facilities bright orange, and their workouts short and sweet, Orangetheory enchanted Elle Mahoney.

What happened next? Elle was so enamored with the workout that her decision to open her own Orangetheory Fitness studio felt like the natural step. Tallahassee, Florida, would be home to this new labor of love. Located in midtown, the space is still under construction, but the brilliant Orangetheory logo is plastered on the front of the building, and they are just waiting for everyone to learn what makes Orangetheory so addicting in the Capital.

Orangetheory is, according to the website, "backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)...designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy."

Over 130 Orangetheory Fitness studios can be found all across the world, and there are currently 400 studios that are in the process of opening -- including Tallahassee. Set to open in mid to late December, Elle Mahoney took the time to explain everything that anyone wanted to know about the orange workout space that Tallahassee will be seeing very soon.

When asked what exactly Orangetheory Fitness is, Elle Mahoney had a very fact driven response. The unique aspect of their program is that, "everyone is wearing a heart rate monitor and heart rates are displayed on screens throughout the studio. The screens have the participant's name, their percent output is, heart rate and how many calories they're burning." As a one hour total body workout, the program's focus is heart rate, so tracking it with these monitors is integral to seeing the results that are wanted.

She also informed that the workout is the same throughout the day, but that the classes do change on a daily basis. So while one day of the week is a particular work out, another day may be quite different.

Fitness enthusiasts should expect a very friendly and welcoming experience when they walk in the door. The studio can actually be seen from the front room, seeing the great facilities that they will have. This is all part of the unique experience that makes Orangetheory different than a typical gym membership. First thing that separates them is that a typical gym is that there are no contracts. They actually feel the need to earn return visits, so every class really strives to make it worth it.

The last bit of Elle Mahoney's discussion focused on becoming a member. They want everyone to visit the location, so that they can meet personally and figure out customized needs. After all, everyone is different that comes in to Orangetheory. They are currently reserving spots for founding members, locking in people at pre-opening rates. These rates will last throughout the relationship with Orangetheory Fitness. Visit the Tallahassee studio today and get the offer!

To see the full interview, click here! http://www.tallahassee.com/story/life/wellness/2014/11/03/orangetheory-fitness-set-open-thomasville-road/18415981/

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