WellDrive Rolls Out Improved Search and Upload Features That Increase Oil Company Efficiencies

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An oil well produces approximately 1 Terabyte of data per day. WellDrive has rolled out improved search and upload features to its web-based services that saves oil companies thousands of dollars in wasted time, by dramatically improving: data uploading, search and sort functions.

Ken Henry, Managing Director, Ed Gibler - VP of IT, and Charlie Winston - Principal founded WellDrive with one objective - to save oil companies time and money.

"WellDrive is the service you did not know you needed, but once you implement it, you cannot operate without it." Ken Henry - Principal & Managing Director

Fast Gigabyte Uploads and Easier Search Functions Save Time and Money!

WellDrive has rolled out improved search and upload features to its web-based services that saves oil companies thousands of dollars in wasted time. As the price of oil drops, oil companies must cut costs. One way to reduce costs quickly is to increase operating efficiency. WellDrive, a Houston-based, leading-edge, Web-based services company provides online data services to 11 major oil companies, serving 7,000 registered users, 250 contractors, and more than 5,200 wells.

The company’s services improve efficiency and decision making by allowing contractors to upload data to a central database, available anywhere there is internet access on PC, IPhone, IPad etc. Then, any approved oil company employee or contractor can access the data, just like on line banking, and can set up automated email or text message alerts along with critical operating reports.

WellDrive has launched a dramatically improved search feature that improves the searching and sorting of data. In addition the speed of uploading and downloading data has been boosted with speeds over 1 megabyte per second, this means more than one gigabyte of data can be uploaded by any approved contractor or company employee in less than 10 minutes.

This eliminates the need to transfer data via CDs or even email. Once the data is uploaded and stored in the correct folders on the archive, oil company employees and approved contractors all have access to the same data. Sorting and searching and generating reports becomes faster, easier and more accurate. Oil company employees no longer have to search through disorganized email in-boxes, CD’s or folders for missing data. This dramatic increase in organized uploading, downloading and searching increases operating efficiencies, cuts costs and enhances decision making.

Over the last three decades, the oil and gas industry has evolved from faxing information to email, and today online Web-based services are the third wave that provides organized information when and where it is needed. WellDrive is creating and riding this third wave of real-time, secure, shared access to information to improve efficiency and decision-making which saves major oil companies millions.

Oil companies today receive terabytes of information during the drilling and completion process, and the amount of data is increasing daily. If just one critical piece of this data is missing it can add thousands and sometimes millions to operating costs.

Contractor data is commonly delivered to oil companies via unsecure email, CDs and through contractor Websites. Finding and using this information can be extremely inefficient as thousands of employees and contractors:

  •     Get locked into “email jail” as their email accounts are constantly overloaded and locked due to the large number of daily emails and files received.
  •     Delete large amounts of email delivered by email distribution lists that is of no interest to them.
  •     Drag and drop files sent via email into the corporate share drive.
  •     Look for data – searching multiple layers of folders – only to find the correct data folder empty.
  •     Receive the wrong data because it is sent to incorrect email addresses – possibly even a competitor’s company.
  •     Call to have data re-sent because their email inbox was full.
  •     Constantly build and update email distribution lists.
  •     Lose email - or can’t email large files due to email system file size limitations.

Using secure Web-based technology removes these inefficiencies. Contractor data such as bit photos, cement and drilling fluid reports, directional data, LWD, wireline, mud logs, frac and flowback data are uploaded into an organized, accessible central database instead of sending emails or CDs.

Oil company employees have secure access, much like “online banking,” and can easily find, view and download the data they need. Users can set up their account to receive only the email and text messages they need, instead of broad blanket email distribution lists.

Web-based data can be viewed on any PC, iPad, or smartphone, and the data can be searched and sorted, instead of searching through an overloaded email inbox. Large files, over 1 gigabyte, can be uploaded and downloaded in less than 10 minutes. Data can easily be exported into the correct folder inside the corporate database.

Ken Henry is Managing Director of WellDrive, whose unique service is rapidly becoming the “Eye of the Needle” through which all well data pass if contractors want to work for major oil companies. WellDrive is leading the third wave revolution in today’s digital oilfield.

Today, the digital oilfield is a reality. Information is collected from the time mineral rights are leased until a well is shut down. Easy, secure access to this information is the key to improving efficiency, making better decisions and most importantly saving money.

An oil well generates about 1 terabyte of production data per day. Each productive well generates the equivalent of the full-text data of Wikipedia every week, suggests an I DC 2013 Research Infographic. Exploration and production (E&P) companies have difficulties dealing with this unstoppable flood of data.

This third wave of Web-based technology addresses digital overload and dramatically increases operating efficiencies, saves time and money as follows:

  •     Contractors upload data securely instead of sending data via email or CDs.
  •     Users have accounts just like “online” banking – allows control of email and text messages.
  •     Insures the right data is delivered to the right person with delivery receipts and data history.
  •     WellDrive does all administrative work, setting up well accounts, user access, issuing user accounts, training, etc.
  •     Skilled WellDrive personnel ensure every account meets the oil company’s requirements – file naming convention etc.
  •     24/7 customer service ensures contractors post timely data correctly and investors receive the exact information they want when they want it.
  •     Data can be automatically transferred to the corporate shared drive and stored in the correct folders.
  •     Access is provided via PC, iPad, and smartphone allowing data to be sorted and searched instead of searching through an overloaded inbox.
  •     No license fees are charged, only a small daily charge with unlimited access provided to both company personnel and contractors.

Many companies don’t realize how much inefficient data systems add to costs, as the easy solution is often just to add more staff to manage the growing mountain of data.

Most oil companies use data technicians to create email distribution lists, drag and drop files to the corporate database, receive CD’s and enter them into the corporate database. This solution inherently introduces human error. Data can be placed in the wrong folders. Incorrect recipients, who do not even need the data, can be added to email distribution lists. No record is maintained to identify who produced or checked data before it is entered into the corporate database, etc.

“Our biggest challenge is getting managers to realize that an outside service company, entirely focused on providing accurate data, is a better solution than building an in-house system”, says Henry. After trying the Web-based service, oil company executives realize how inefficient their current systems are.

“WellDrive is the service you did not know you needed, but once you implement it, you cannot operate without it.”, comments Henry. “We don’t get paid unless we improve efficiency across all departments, and reduce fines for non-delivery of data to regulatory agencies and partner companies,” concludes Henry.

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