Potential Wonder Woman Director, Lexi Alexander, Discusses Decision to Not Direct Movie and Discrimination Female Directors Face in Hollywood on Schmoes Know Movie Show

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Director Lexi Alexander appeared on the Schmoes Know Movie Show yesterday where she was asked her about being on the list to direct Wonder Woman and the state of females in the entertainment industry.

Director Lexi Alexander is an established director and has been in the press recently regarding the possibility of directing the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Yesterday she appeared on the Schmoes Know Movie Show where hosts Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis asked asked her about being on the list to direct Wonder Woman. She was flattered and said, “I pop up on a lot of blogs – these are all young guys who put me on this list and I think that’s worth mentioning. These are young comic book fans – mostly male – who put me out there and I think that because a lot of the executives and studio heads are so not progressive, I think it should be mentioned.”

Alexander thinks though she wasn't the right person for the job. “I don’t want to direct it because now... for me, individually, to go in and carry this and say 'I’m going to make Wonder Woman succeed and I’m going to show everybody that female directors can do comic book movies,' I can’t do it. I would buckle under the pressure. But if you give me a film with a hundred guys slapping the [expletive] out of each other, I wouldn’t be bothered at all.”

She elaborated on the pressures of directing a film with such an iconic female lead stating, “I wouldn’t be as afraid doing Star Wars as I would be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman has the added female character thing. It's like a double whammy.”

With a topic so close to home with the current state of the feminist movement in Hollywood, she talked about the challenges women face in her profession. “Discrimination is incredibly hard to understand when you’re not experiencing it. I’ve trained Marines and nobody was discriminating towards me. I’ve only experienced it in Hollywood, and to a degree that is so outrageous I can’t even tell you.” She went on to reference the discrimination in the upcoming film Exodus: Gods And Kings and the controversy surrounding its white actors playing non-white roles. “It’s blackface. Shut up. Don’t release the film, and why is this still happening?”... Where we should be is that the best person gets the gig.”

Facing controversy for her opinion on film piracy, Alexander spoke out, “I’m not an advocate for it”, she said. “Here’s the issue. We have file sharing. It’s like the VCR. If you study history, entertainment and music has always fought every invention. We have fought radio, we have fought TV, and then we have fought the tape. Now file sharing is out and yes, its slightly bigger because it's on the internet, but we’ve got to embrace it because here’s why. This is our audience. They’re the millennials and that’s what they do and you can’t [expletive] on that. Even if I would hate it, its not going away... Stop fighting it.”

Speaking on the challenges people face in the film industry, Alexander elaborated on why she speaks out about the darker side of it, “This is not the happiest industry. People are [expletive] throwing themselves off bridges, taking too many drugs after making hit comic book movies, and killing themselves. It's not like we are all the healthiest people on the planet. I think this industry breeds fear and it's just sometimes so ugly I can’t stand it. So at some point, doors are going to shut. I might as well be loud.”

To watch Lexi Alexander's full interview on the Schmoes Know Movie Show, visit these links:
Website: http://schmoesknow.com/lexi-alexander-and-the-status-of-women-in-film-sk-movie-show/31725/
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