WellTeacherMD presents Ways to Protect Yourself From High Cholesterol

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WellTeacherMD provides a few tips to help with those that suffer from high cholesterol.

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WellTeacherMD presents ways to improve cholesterol problems.

Here are several tips to lower cholesterol and live a healthier life.

First off, the food that is consumed does have a lot to do with cholesterol. If eating fatty foods with lots of salt and empty calories, it’s possible to suffer from high cholesterol. The best thing to start off on is to begin eating much healthier. So what exactly is healthier? Start adding fruits and vegetables in with daily meals. If a picky eater who cannot stand the taste of most vegetables, then instead go with a fruit smoothie in a blender and add a few vegetables so that the body is still consuming them without having to taste them. The flavor of the fruit will overpower the flavor of the vegetables added into the smoothie. Start having smoothies as snacks or as a replacement for a traditional meal.

Along with fruits and vegetables, there are some healthy fats that one should start eating, such as omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are most commonly found in fish, such as salmon, tuna, and a few other types of fish. There are plenty of different ways to prepare fish, such as baking, grilling, and even pan-searing them. It is also easy to pair fish with a side of vegetables because they taste good together. Replace fast food for at least 1-2 meals that contain fish each week, and start to see drastically changes.

It’s possible to put an end to high cholesterol and get it back down to a healthy level by simply making healthier food choices. Avoid fast food, along with foods that are deep-fried or even cooked in oil. If absolutely needed, use oil for the foods you’re cooking, just consider using a healthier alternative, such as coconut oil or olive oil instead of canola, corn, or vegetable oil. The sacrifices made now with the food eaten can drastically improve the health for the long run, so it’s wise to start making those changes now. Some benefits will show immediately when these changes are made.

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