Integrated Health Yoga Therapy: New Holistic Health Program Features Traditional Chinese Medicine

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As part of Integrated Health Yoga Therapy’s new Holistic Health Consultant Certification Program IHYT will be running a 2 Day Oriental Medicine and Nutrition Training facilitated by new IHYT faculty member and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and educator Angela Warburton.

Angela Warburton, TCMP

“Patient education and empowerment is of utmost importance to me."

As part of Integrated Health Yoga Therapy’s ( new Holistic Health Consultant Certification Program ( ) IHYT will be running a 2 Day Oriental Medicine and Nutrition Training ( in the new year, facilitated by new IHYT faculty member and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and educator Angela Warburton.

The Oriental Medicine and Nutrition Training will introduce students to “the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Oriental Medicine dietetics, and the principles commonly used to treat illness with food and nutrition.” Students will explore assessment techniques for requirements for and deficiencies of particular nutrients, acquire a working knowledge of energetic properties and actions of particular foods (concentrating especially on Western foods and herbs with healing qualities), and learn how to prescribe medical recipes for clients with specific health conditions.

Angela Warburton is a TCM practitioner, clinic director at Urban Wellness Holistic Healthcare in Toronto, faculty member at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, frequent lecturer and workshop presenter, and a regular expert guest on the Steven and Chris Show (CBC/ Slice Network). Having studied nutrition and dietetics at McGill University while acquiring a degree in Psychology and Sociology, she has additional training in mindfulness based meditation, reproductive health and fertility, and pain management, as well as her ongoing and extensive training and experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine including training in China and practice abroad. (

Angela was drawn to TCM after her own healing experience with acupuncture after encountering health issues while working as a web producer in the corporate world. The way in which it helped her had a huge impact: “It made a great deal of sense to me that it focuses not only on the body and symptoms but also on the mind, emotions, lifestyle and the spirit of the individual. All aspects of equal importance: the balance of being human.”

TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, dates back more than 2,000 years in China. It is an alliance of medical practices with certain common principles used to maintain or restore a sense of harmony within the body’s functional systems. Healing modalities within TCM include herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise systems, and dietary therapy. Traditional Chinese Medicine is concerned less with specific anatomical structures and more with a dynamic sense of functional activity within the body, including aspects such as breathing, digestion, and temperature regulation.

Central to Traditional Chinese Medicine are the concepts of Qi and the meridian system. Qi refers to the flow of energy within the body. The meridian system is the anatomical path through which qi flows. In actuality it maps out an complex network of paths, with 12 major meridians, each one corresponding to an internal organ, along with numerous others, providing an intricate web of interconnections wherein energy and blood continuously flow. Hence the key concept of health in TCM is that when energy flows freely through the meridians and the organs work in harmony, an individual experiences wellness. Dis-ease results from dis-harmony and energy blockage.    

Due to the highly sensitive connectivity within the meridian system, healing energy can be carried by the meridians throughout the body. Thus TCM applications involving food, herbs, exercise, massage, acupuncture and acupressure help restore balance (yin and yang) and well-being by stimulating energy flow within the meridian system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine places its emphasis on the healing of the individual more so than symptoms or disease. The practitioner attempts to help the patient to truly ‘listen’ to their own body. Careful, attentive questioning, observation, and diagnosis are key. The same condition may require different treatments in different people, as their symptoms may stem from different root causes. Traditional Chinese Medicine attempts to discover the deeper root behind health issues and from there help each individual heal themselves by dealing with unique imbalances, stimulating the meridian system, and restoring harmony.

Angela Warburton and her passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine embody Integrated Health Yoga Therapy’s holistic vision of healing in which each patient is unique, in which joy, mindfulness and true well-being are the ultimate goals, and in which the healing process empowers each patient to play an active role in healing themselves.

“Patient education and empowerment is of utmost importance to me, helping the individual to have better understanding of their body, what they can do to change the pattern that got them to their current state and empowering them with tools that they can use to optimize their health in the future.”

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