Company Seeks to Deploy Drones and Protective Robots on School Campuses and Cities Across the Globe in 2015

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Agents Armor LLC seeks to expand their current operations to include a law enforcement/security response force of drones and robots that can respond quickly to crimes in progress, active shooter situations, and to pre-programmed locations on college campuses, corporate campuses, and cities across the globe in the event of a critical incident.

Agents Armor LLC, a Mobile Real Estate Agent Safety Product and Agent Safety Management System company, seeks to expand operations by merging their current mobile safety technology to include a Drone and Robotics Incident Response Force to their safety platform in 2015. Currently Agents Armor LLC provides their technology to the real estate industry to help keep Realtors safe.

This emerging technology will equip college campuses with a drone fleet that can respond to calls for help at blue box locations, or via a student or administrative staff member's GPS location once called to do so by that student or staff member's cell phone. Multiple campus locations could also have pre-programmed responses whereas a drone would immediately deploy to a specific building or other area without human intervention until the drone arrives and could then be manually controlled. Law enforcement will also utilize these drones in the same manner throughout their jurisdictions in the event of an act of terror, major crime in progress (i.e. murder, sexual assault, armed robbery, or fleeing felon), man-made disasters (i.e. gas explosion, fire, chemical spill, etc.) or any other incident deemed to be "critical" by authorities.

These drones could provide a live video feed, infrared capabilities to determine fire hotspots or hidden subjects, verbal communication of law enforcement with citizens or subjects, and even less lethal weaponry.

Robots would have the same capabilities, but would be for interior use or available if weather conditions prohibit an aerial response. Agents Armor founder, Ricardo "Ric" Ruiz del Vizo states that, "Ideally we would like to see drone technology developed into hybrid air/land, or even air/land/sea, drones that would have the capability to quickly respond via air, safely touch down, and then navigate topography and buildings via land or in water. In this manner, a drone's response would not be affected by environmental conditions that would negatively affect a quick response or limit the ability to respond to a threat."

When asked if he felt that this technology could present a privacy issue, Mr. Del Vizo says that, "No one should be concerned with the development of this technology any more than they should be concerned with a human response. Laws and rules will establish the prudent use of this technology. This should not include the use of this technology on or over private property unless there is a request by the property owner, or the technology belongs to the property owner, or there is an active emergency in progress. I only support the idea that this technology should be used to provide valuable intelligence to law enforcement when responding to a critical incident or emergency, or to patrol school campuses or private property where the technology is owned and controlled by the property owner similar to how a CCTV system is.”

Company Founder and CEO, Ric Del Vizo, is a retired 22 year veteran law enforcement officer and military veteran who has served his country in multiple overseas conflicts and has served his last agency as the Liaison to the Central Intelligence Agency. He can be reached for comments, questions, or investment inquiries at or ric(dot)delvizo(at)agentsarmor(dot)com.

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