Tony Stromberg, Author and Artist of Spirit Horses and the Forgotten Horses, has just released his new book titled Horse Medicine.

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kriskros kreative arts agency and KJFA will be hosting Tony Stromberg - A Special Event and Open House. Tony will be speaking at 11:30 and 2:30 on Saturday - December 20th, 2014. Books will be available for sale and Tony will be personally available to sign his New Book and Special Editions of Spirit Horses. Email to purchase a signed edition of Horse Medicine or rare special editions of Spirit Horses.

Tony Stromberg, Author and Artist of Spirit Horses and the Forgotten Horses, has just released his new book titled Horse Medicine, featuring his distinctive equine photography along with some thoughtful narratives. This extraordinary tabletop edition is a collection of images that highlight and honor the nurturing and enduring relationship between man and horse.

As Stromberg states - “Horses and Humans can bring out the best and the most powerful in one another.” Tony Stromberg will be present at KKAA and KJFA Gallery for lectures, book signings and an exhibition of his photographic works of art from December 19th through 21st, 2014.

After more than a decade as one of San Francisco's top commercial photographers, Tony Stromberg followed his inspiration and moved to New Mexico to pursue his true passion in fine art photography - his favorite subject - the horse. Tony Stromberg’s new book – Horse Medicine, addresses the concept of seeing horses as mirrors, archetypal influencers, teachers and healers to humanity. It also delves into intimacy, connection and belonging, and praises the horse as a spiritual messenger.

“After my first two photography books were published, I received innumerable emails from people praising my photos for how they capture the pure spirit, the essence of the horse. What really amazed me was that many of the people who wrote me were not horse people at all. In fact, many had never been around a horse in their entire lives. Why did these people still revere, respect and honor horses and what did they represent? “

Tony Stromberg answers this question: “Perhaps it’s because the horse has been an intimate part of human evolution for a millennium.”

At least as far back as the third century B.C. the horse has been associated with strength, energy, intelligence, communication, and popularity. Horses have always provided great inspiration for writers and artists as they are drawn to their beauty, power, nobility and free spirit. Possessing a highly refined instinct and intelligence, the horse symbolizes a certain sense of knowing and deep mystery. It is truly a majestic being. No other animal has contributed more to civilization than the horse. Tony Stromberg’s new book is a dignified account - both literally and photographically.

The forward of Horse Medicine reveals the essence of Stromberg’s book: “History and literature have often told of equines who helped fulfill dreams for individuals and entire cultures. Horses were our civilizations’ first animal medicine to which humanity owes an enormous debt. As we sat astride the horse, they helped us settle foreign lands, fought with us in battles, delivered us long distances, herded cattle, tilled the earth, and provided us with a greater view of our landscape, both external and internal.”

Tony Stromberg travels throughout the western United States and Europe in search of the elusive and mysterious spirit of the horse, attempting to capture the freedom and power of his subjects on film. He photographs wild horses in their natural habitats, as well as numerous wildlife sanctuaries, equine rescue organizations, private ranches, and breeders. He conducts workshops on horse photography, and his photographs appear in select galleries throughout the world.

“Tony Stromberg’s remarkable photographs express the beauty, grace, spirit, and devotion that all horses embody.”— Robert Redford

Private Reception: Friday: December 19th, 2014 – Invitation Only and RSVP Required.

Open House: Saturday: December 20th, 2014 – 11 to 4 pm. Tony will speak at 11:30 and 2:30 and will be available to sell and sign books from 11 to 4pm.

310 Catron Street, Santa Fe NM 87501
Two blocks from the Georgia O’keeffe Museum.

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