Skip the Cloud, Store Local and Protect Your Privacy with New ZIPmagic 12.7

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Guaranteed loss prevention for private pictures and confidential data is only possible when storage is local and the cloud is skipped altogether; utilizing ZIPmagic 12.7's brand-new transparent disk and file compression technologies provides expansive and secure local storage while keeping data safe from prying eyes – the only way of ensuring all user materials remain perpetually personal and private.

Double your boot disk with ZIPmagic DoubleSpace

ZIPmagic DoubleSpace

What you put on the cloud belongs to the crowd. What’s on your computer stays with you, whether you’re a mile high in the sky, or trekking in some Amazon jungle.

Recent high profile cloud security breaches, affecting even companies like Apple, have illustrated the fallacy of trusting the cloud with confidential data and private pictures. Countless celebrities are among many more unnamed innocents, who thought the cloud was safe and trustworthy, and were proven wrong. The only guaranteed way to never lose private pictures to an unknown crowd is to store local and skip the cloud altogether with ZIPmagic.

ZIPmagic ensures storage space is maximized on non-upgradeable tablets, expensive SSDs, hard disk drives, or virtual/private servers. ZIPmagic provides virtually unlimited storage through its unique offering of transparent disk compression and transparent file compression technologies – both of which are single-click, intuitive, require no training, no complex setup, and are available from a fully self-contained, small 20 MB download – with a flat, one-time-only, subscription-free perpetual license.

Transparent disk compression integrates with the operating system to automatically compress/extract data as apps are launched and files are accessed. While all apps and files are actually compressed, no explicit extraction is necessary at any time. Extra disk space is gained cost and effort-free, and disk read speeds increase: Because less data is physically transferred, and modern CPUs are very fast, even SSDs see dramatic read performance enhancements with transparent disk compression.

When only the best compression will do, file compression outperforms disk compression. File compression is similar to traditional archivers like WinZip and WinRAR, where data has to be explicitly compressed and extracted upon each use. ZIPmagic's unique transparent file compression makes this step as easy – and as automatic – as possible, by making archives of 85 types appear as ordinary folders in Windows Explorer. Copy/paste, drag/drop, double-click work exactly as in any other folder, transparently compressing and extracting files as necessary.

“What you put on the cloud belongs to the crowd,” says Simon King of ZIPmagic Software. “What’s on your computer stays with you, whether you’re a mile high in the sky, or trekking in some Amazon jungle. We built ZIPmagic to empower you to store local and skip the cloud, so you never let the crowd get their hands on your personal data!”

ZIPmagic’s DoubleSpace transparent disk compressor runs on Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows 10, roughly doubling the storage capacity of any boot disk. ZIPmagic’s DriveSpace transparent disk compressor runs on all Windows versions, even the discontinued Windows XP – and while it cannot compress as well as DoubleSpace, it increases free space and drive performance on any boot or data disk.

ZIPmagic’s 64-bit super-strong file compression is the most advanced compressor in the industry, requiring a 64-bit operating system and up to 12 GB RAM during compression. ZIPmagic also offers JPEG compression, a popular file format for storing pictures. ZIPmagic includes 256 bit strong AES encryption, guaranteeing that even if a computer is stolen, data is safe, un-hackable, and belongs to the owner alone.

ZIPmagic even includes secure compressed email attachment previews for Microsoft Outlook, as well as customizable attachment compression on each outgoing email – both without ever having to leave Outlook, adding another layer of convenience to ZIPmagic’s transparency.

With ZIPmagic, and its breadth of transparent file and disk compression solutions; space on all personal computers remains self-sufficient – keeping all confidential data and pictures, perpetually personal and perpetually private.

About ZIPmagic Software

ZIPmagic Software is the inventor of transparent disk compression for Microsoft Windows, and the technology leader in the data compression industry. For more information, a free unrestricted 30 day trial download, OEM bundling inquiries for SSD manufacturers, and VPS server bundling inquiries for web hosting companies, please visit



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