Mlais Announces the release of the Mlais M9 Phone

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Mlais boasts of the best 8 core smart phone at the lowest cost on the market.

Alex Lee announced recently that a new 8 core smartphone would soon be released to the public stating that “we gonna make the best 8 core smart phone with the lowest price for the customer and this is the Mlais M9.”

Mlais is a China-based eCommerce company with headquarters in Hong Kong though it’s warehouses are based in Shenzhen, China. The company’s primary market is B2B and drop shipping customers interested in electronics and technology gadgets. Launched in 2010 the company has grown to be recognized as a mobile phone manufacturing and design company throughout the world. Although the company is based within China, many of their products are sold in the United States and UK. The release of the Mlais M9 is the next in a large line of mobile products produced by the company. The announcement precedes the actual release date of the M9 phone which is scheduled for later this year.

According to the specifications given by the company, the octa core phone is compatible with the Android 5.0 and Android 4.4 systems. This is idealistic for those which are used to the smartphones and applications of other brands. By offering a platform which is up to industry standards while at the same time offering the diversity of 5.0 or 4.4 compatibility, Mlais hopes to make high quality phones for users outside of the IOS Apple based market. Also, the Android based system was chosen due to the ever growing marketbase of apps and programs that rely on the Android 4.4 or Android 5.0 system. Mlais noted that the Android market saw over 74 billion downloads of apps on iTunes alone with more downloads from the app store and other sites. With the growing trend shifting from the IOS to the Android dominant marketplace, the company thought that it was time to have the same design standard phone offered for the Android based users.

The design of the Mlais M9 is intended to mimic the industries top designs while at the same time pushing the envelope to new levels by offering a slicker, thinner, and more fluid design. The Mlais 8 core M9 Smart phone has measured to be 1.5 millimeters thinner than that of the ONEPLUS phone and 1 millimeter thinner than the XIAOMI phone. The design is clearly one of the thinnest but most durable designs on the market. This allows for a less cumbersome design while at the same time maintaining the sleek and style of modern mobile device trends. Furthermore, the designers have focused on maximizing the screen space by eliminating unneeded wasted space above and below the screen. This intentional design feature makes it possible to (if held elongated) to view HD streaming movies without losing the pixel ratio or having to reformat content to fix a sub-standard screen.

Internally, the M9 houses a dual sim and exceptional processors. By doing so the phone has allowed the user the capability to stream media, apps, and games without having distortions in visuals or in the audios associated with HD ratio material. Data is processed at a faster rate with less potential to have phone freeze ups or dumps of memory (a feature that has become more and more common on cheaply designed mobile devices). Furthermore, the dual sims make it possible to access calling locations in virtually any location.

Mlais highlighted that the phone offers several features that surpass competitor’s brands. For one, Manager Lee stated that “We are making smartphones available at different price points with rich features” when asked about the availability and costs associated with the phone. Currently, the 8 core smartphone has the lowest price of all 8 core smart phones right now. Mlais is confident that the price and the focus for fluent user interactivity within the design will make the M9 a superior phone. The company boasts that the features of the M9 are far superior to any other 8 core phone on the market both in design and in functionality. Apart from the processors and the sims, other key aspects included are:

  •     A 5 day stand-by-battery
  •     No glitch streaming
  •     A high MP camera which offers both still shots as well as stream capturing capabilities

The anticipated arrival of an affordable 8 core Smartphone for the Android platform has arrived with the M9 Phone. Because the company is solely focused on the design of mobile devices and technology gadgets, one can expect to see great reviews of the M9. The M9 will be available for purchase on and interested parties should feel more than free to visit the site or to contact the Mlais company regarding the M9 Phone.

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