DISCflex™ Behavior Assessment Tool Now Available to the Public

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DISCflex™ Change program, now available to the public, teaches employees how to deal effectively with the complexities and phases of change that can occur in an organization going through transition.

For the first time in the industry, a leading supplier of behavior assessments has launched a dozen new products aimed at the general public. Indaba Global has a patent-pending process to target specific lessons based on the behavioral metrics from each participant’s unique assessment scores. The associated DISCflex™ Change program teaches people how to deal effectively with the complexities and phases of change that can occur in an organization when going through transition.

For decades, upper level management personnel have been rated on their leadership potential by means of evaluations. This is typically a very expensive and exclusive way to gauge a person’s behavior and performance capabilities, but DISCflex™ is a viable option.

The goal is to educate individuals in proven models that will help them make solid decisions whether the changes are currently happening, coming in the near future, or are off on the distant horizon – and to do this for approximately the price of a paperback book. This is revolutionary in the assessment and self-help (human potential) industries. The personalized program helps participants strategize, plan effectively, and execute those strategies during turbulent times. This self-knowledge empowers a person to look for the best in a situation and see transitions in a positive light – no matter if the change itself is one that at first seems daunting. The goal is to build up a person’s ‘change muscles’ enabling them to become stronger and more resilient with every change they face.

Our program takes participants through contingency planning models, and show them how to systematically move people through change in a manner that encourages creativity and innovation. The psychology of change is important, and the course spends a considerable amount of time instructing in this area. Without this critical information, most people will find it exceedingly difficult to move efficiently through change. Because change stirs activity, these sessions highlight that it is indeed possible to enhance productivity and provide inspiration during trying times and transition if individuals know how to best accomplish this goal.

In these types of evaluations, the person’s ability to handle and work through change is monitored. Any change in a person’s life – at home or work – can have a tremendous impact on their job performance. When stress levels rise, people start to panic. Even worse, when the stressors associated with current changes stay elevated, job performance almost always goes down. Unfortunately, the knowledge regarding what tolerance an individual has for handling change has been limited to the top rungs of the ladder in major corporations. The middle management and associated executives have been left out of the behavioral assessment process. Now, the knowledge is a click away for any person.

No one can afford to perform at anything less than his or her best. People need to know where their strengths and weaknesses are so that they don’t make career-killing decisions when under stress. By taking a short ten-minute assessment about themselves, users are now able to receive a personalized report with custom eLearning, focused on how their personal behavior impacts change.
DISCflex™ Change is a product of Indaba Global, leader in online training materials. To learn more, go to http://www.discflex.com and http://www.indabaglobal.com.

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