SleepWell Baby's Five Tips to Keep Children’s Sleep Patterns Peaceful through the Holidays

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Five tips to keep children's sleep routines on track, whether at home or traveling during the busy holidays.

You’ve finally gotten your little one to sleep through the night. You feel energized after a few good nights sleep. The holidays are approaching and you fear the worst. Will all your hard work of getting baby to sleep through the night be lost to holiday travel, parties and visiting family? Founder and President of SleepWell Baby, Amanda Hudye is a certified sleep consultant who says you can make it through the holidays and maintain good sleep habits. Hudye recommends planning ahead for the best outcome.

“Nap and bedtime routines are so important, especially during holidays. Established routines make holiday travel easier because your child will know what to expect, even though you’re not at home. Keeping a routine while away, or have family visiting will make it easier for the child once the holidays are over,” says Hudye.

SleepWell Baby recommends five “Must-do’” tips to keep kids merry this holiday season:

1. Comfort is Key: Pack a comfort item for your child. Sleep with your baby’s blanket before you leave for a trip. The blanket will carry your scent and help baby feel comforted by you, even if you’re in another room. If your child is older, introduce a soft stuffed animal before you travel to help him feel the security of home in a new environment.

2. Stick to the Schedule: After traveling between time zones or during early or late hours, try to get back to your schedule of naps and bedtime. If you do have a long day of travel, allow one day of “off-schedule” sleeping and resume the usual sleep routine the following day. As soon as you return home, get back to your normal sleep times for a smoother and faster post holiday transition.

3. Bring Baby a Bed: While away from home, make sure your baby or toddler has a comfortable place to sleep. There are several good travel cribs for infants. For toddlers, consider purchasing a portable bed rail to secure safety during sleep.

4. Be a Scrooge, if necessary: Some children can handle staying up late and missing naps, while many can’t without negative impact on their behavior. Decide how far you are willing to bend the nap and bedtime rules during visits. Explain to family and friends that your child’s sleep is a priority because it affects his behavior, happiness and wellbeing. Schedule visitors around nap-time if possible.

5. The More the Merrier: Involve visitors like grandma or grandpa in nap or bedtime routines. These times create special holiday memories of reading with grandma or being tucked-in by grandpa all while keeping your child’s sleep top priority.

Founded by Amanda Hudye, SleepWell Baby provides sleep consulting for families with children age 14 weeks to 8 years old. The certified sleep consultants at SleepWell Baby work with families globally from Canada to China providing information and advice to help families get the rest they require. A rested family is a peaceful family.

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