Identacor Introduces No-Cost Active Directory Integration with Cloud-Based Identity and Access Management Service

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Identacor announces Active Directory (AD) integration for Enterprise to empower seamless user provisioning, centralized access management and real-time authentication for new and existing applications.

Identacor – a unique cloud based access and management solution provider – announced availability of real-time Active Directory (AD) integration capabilities for its enterprise users to ensure swift and secure access control across disparate cloud-based enterprise apps and software. The robust integration features 360-degree access management for all connected software, including software as a service (SaaS), desktop and mobile phone applications, in an instant with just a few simple configuration steps!

“Our strategy is to help enterprises do more with compelling apps and showcase the best of cloud computing and business instinct in a secure environment.” said Sandy Dalal, CEO at Identacor. “Today, we are excited to announce the integration between Active Directory and our cloud-based identity and access management service that will let enterprise users to access all apps, be it on-premises or over the cloud, with just a centralized network username and password.”

The opportunities unlocked by cloud based infrastructure are quite apparent. Businesses are fast moving forward to embrace the cloud to its full potential. However since majority of cloud based Apps are built using proprietary and native user directories (to keep database behind the corporate firewall and independent of avoidable influence), enterprise users are required to remember disparate usernames and passwords for various apps across the infrastructure. And at the same time, IT departments are tasked to create, maintain and map ever-growing user accounts to the Apps being used in the enterprise. The situation is both, disquieting and baffling, for Enterprise IT Managers as more and more security hacks are sprouting on a daily basis concerning these Apps.

Active Directory, one of the most popular and widely used user directory management solutions, offers a part of the solution where it governs access to fundamental enterprise services such as work email, file sharing platform, collaboration software and more, providing centralized user authorization and monitoring. It further helps control access to a wide-range of connected business services. But it still fails short when it comes to managing control across SaaS or cloud based Apps. Businesses seek for a solution that can leverage them to use the power of Active Directory management features for an ever-growing range of applications. Identacor strives to resolve this excruciating business problem with an instinctive integration between its trailblazing IAM services and far afield Active Directory!

Identacor’s novel integration features relieve businesses from the hassle of managing multiple user accounts for disparate networks and save time by allowing users to access all their applications with a single network username and password. Organizations do not need parallel directories to manage and secure users of cloud Apps, instead, they can now manage all within a single user dashboard. Furthermore, deep integration between Active Directory and Identacor Identity and Access Management Services ensure that the users get access to the new apps in real-time i.e. whenever a new application is added to the enterprise system; all registered users will get instantaneous authorization without much ado.

How Integration Works?

Integrating Active Directory with Identacor services is simple. Once installation is complete, the AD agent establishes a secure and reliable outbound SSL connection to Identacor. The connection enables IT administrator to browse a visual tree of all organizational units in the AD and allows quick synchronization of user database. The administrator can select to import as many user subtrees (user directories categorized based on user role and authentication within the AD) as required.

The AD agents need no firewall changes to communicate with Identacor services; in fact, all communication is performed over two separate outbound SSL connections. The steady outbound connection enables Identacor to validate user credentials against AD, without storing user credentials in Identacor database. In case a user tries to log into Identacor using AD credentials, Identacor sends a delegated authentication request to the AD agent, which consecutively authenticates user credentials against active directory and proceeds forward. The delegated authentication mechanism ensures that your Active Directory credentials are not stored anywhere outside the firewall.

Integration Benefits:

Active Directory (AD), a database service developed by Microsoft for Windows domain networks, is extensively used as the authorized user access manager for crucial business application. Integration between AD database and Identacor access management services promises to provide a better user experience, fewer passwords to remember, better control across enterprise infrastructure and improved security – all in a pocket-friendly price. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of the integration:

  •     The complete integration between two services can be set up in no time without altering firewall settings and once integration is complete, users can be synchronized on-the-fly.
  •     Password always remains behind the corporate firewall. User authentication is delegated to Active Directory for validation and authorization.
  •     Real-time synchronization of users provides IT Managers with an effective user off-boarding (de-provisioning) control for when users leave the organization.
  •     Using their default corporate credentials (AD supported), users can auto-login to applications connected to the network.
  •     Integration with Identacor enables single sign-on (SSO) for all SAML (Security Assertion Markup

Language) based applications i.e. no credentials required for applications that support SAML.

  •     Identacor employs Microsoft’s Integrated Window Authentication (IWA) to authenticate users to access their Identacor App portal seamlessly after authenticating with their Windows domain.

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About Identacor

Founded in 2012, Identacor is a trusted cloud-based technology firm that specializes in Identity and Access Management for organizations of all sizes. It delivers the functionality and support businesses need to elevate data security and employee productivity.

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