Nutritional Products International Board Members Announce New Approach to Medical Care

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Unlikely dynamic duo share different medical backgrounds, but are united in care of patients

Dr. Joseph Purita, Nutritional Products International, NPI Board of Directors

Dr. Joseph Purita, MD

There’s no reason why we can’t work together. Only foolish people would not want to seek out other opinions. I may not always agree but I’m going to listen.

While Nutritional Products International Board Members, Dr. Joseph Purita and Reid Eckert approach medicine from different backgrounds, they’ve found common ground in a commitment to healing.

Dr. Purita, a renowned medical professional and researcher, has spent decades pioneering technologies related to stem cells and platelet-rich plasma therapy. Reid Eckert has been a Certified Nutritional Counselor for more than 20 years, specializing in the treatment of diseases and disorders of the human body. Both will routinely refer patients to one another, going against some medical beliefs that traditional and alternative medicine should not mix.

“If it’s a school of thought, then it is a school of stupidity,” said Dr. Joseph Purita. “There’s no reason why we can’t work together. Only foolish people would not want to seek out other opinions. I may not always agree but I’m going to listen.”

Eckert not only refers patients to Dr. Purita but also received treatment from him for a variety of sports injuries as well as treatment after several serious car accidents.

“Joe has given me an extra lease on life,” said Reid Eckert. “A lot of times, we work with the same people and they say, ‘You’re so different and you’re so similar.’ My answer is always the same. We’re wired a little different.”

Both medical professional embrace supplements as an important treatment tool. Dr. Purita says the Internet often makes patients more aware of their value than their doctors.

“Basically supplements and medicines work the same way. A medicine is a supplement we’ve done a lot of testing on and found that does help a certain medical condition,” said Purita. “But there’s very little difference. They all work on a molecular basis, just like a medicine does.”

Both Purita and Eckert believe that the future of medicine will continue to see a blurring of the lines between disciplines and that understanding must continue beyond the presentation of a degree.

“The more we learn, the more questions we have,” said Eckert. “And that’s the only way that you’re going to get better.”

Nutritional Products International CEO, Mitch Gould believes Purita and Eckert's backgrounds play a key role in assuring brands that they are in good hands with the company's global promotion and branding services.

"Not only are these medical professionals at the top of their games but they also bring tremendous leadership and compassion to our organization," said Gould. "Their forward thinking and openness to new ideas are priceless in so many ways."

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