Denver Ecommerce Web Developer Ups Client Marketing Clout

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Data and analytics provide powerful insights to improve outcomes for both clients and Unleaded Group.

Martin Foy, Conversion Director

Martin Foy, Conversion Director

With an Agile Marketing process, we can test marketing ideas quickly, drop poor performers and focus on things that work

When Martin Foy joined The Conversion Team at Unleaded Group in May 2012, he knew there were better ways to leverage website analytic data for customers. The raw numbers were there, and he could see what they implied, but it wasn’t until Google Analytics evolved into its current form that a clear picture of their power came into focus.

Excited by the value this data had to customers, Foy attended a 10-week intensive training program in San Francisco to get an in-depth look at what could be done with a thorough examination of website statistics. Today, as Conversion Director for Unleaded, he’s harnessing that power to push client-marketing success to levels previously unachieved.

“Our goal is to help clients use their analytics to make better business decisions,” Foy says. “We’ve taken the new enhanced e-commerce module from Google Analytics and developed an insights report for clients that shows both the strengths and weaknesses of their online marketing and helps identify ways to dramatically improve their conversion rates.”

One thing that Foy and his team discovered is that some clients install tags on their sites that cause gross errors in their internal reports. “We found incorrectly installed tags that led some clients’ revenue to be overstated by as much twice the actual amount,” Foy says. “This caused their internal reporting to be highly misleading and sometimes led to bad business decisions.”

Even when the reports were accurate, Foy says too many clients were failing to leverage the data to their best advantage, losing business opportunities in the process. He cites an example of a client who had resisted investing in a separate site optimized for mobile users when analytic data clearly showed it was how many of their customers did their online shopping. “We pointed this out to them and they agreed to go ahead with a mobile design,” Foy says. “Within a few weeks of its launch, their online transactions increased 400%.”

The amount of analytic data available to online marketers with these new tools is staggering. That can become an obstacle in itself with clients overwhelmed by numbers that can lead them astray. Foy’s solution has been to embrace the process of “Agile Marketing” that takes the raw data and produces insights that can be acted upon quickly. “The old print and media advertising models were based on very long lead times and post-mortems conducted weeks or months after the campaign was over,” Foy points out. “With an Agile Marketing process, we can test marketing ideas quickly, drop poor performers and focus on things that work.” By doing this, Foy says, client marketing becomes a series of sprints rather than six-month marathons with winners unknown until the finish line is crossed thousands of dollars later. “By making a series of small investments instead of committing to a single large one, our clients get more leverage from their marketing dollars,” he says.

Foy says that one of the biggest challenges he faces is a client’s reluctance to try something new and different. “We have to launch and learn, and that can be uncomfortable for some clients,” Foy says. “Our process is collaborative; clients know their customers better than we do but we know how to target them. If something isn’t working, we simply turn the off switch, look at the data and reevaluate.” Foy recommends a level of emotional detachment from the process and a focus on experimentation and outcomes. Foy says clients often build websites with a “Field of Dreams” mentality—if you build it they will come. After a site launches is when he says the real work begins, engaging customers and driving sales.

Foy remembers a famous quote by legendary businessman John Wanamaker: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.” Foy believes that with the quality of marketing intelligence he and his team are able to extract from analytic data, Wanamaker’s idea is a thing of the past. “Marketing will always have a ‘throw it against a wall and see what sticks’ component, but with the Agile process we’ve developed at Unleaded, we’ll have much better ideas where to aim, and we’ll know when we hit the bull’s-eye a lot quicker,” he says. “Instead of the 2-3% conversion rates that are considered successful today, I believe that rates approaching 5% or more are achievable.”

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