Patented Over-the-Counter Plantar Fasciitis Innovation Accepted to Compete in the U.S. Patent Office's "Patents for Humanity" Contest

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Applied BioKinetics LLC's (ABK) application to the "Patents for Humanity" contest was accepted to compete in the 2014 U.S. Patent Office's competition. ABK's contest application is based on its patented, FasciaDerm® brand heel pain relief system, which is bringing new hope to those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciits Heel and Arch Pain Relief

Over-the-Counter Heel Pain Relief

In the 18 years I have been in the sports medicine retail market, I have never experienced so many outspoken and happy customers!

Patents for Humanity” is the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awards competition recognizing patent owners and licensees working to improve global health, particularly for the less fortunate. Applied BioKinetics LLC's (ABK) application to the "Patents for Humanity" program is based on the benefit brought to plantar fasciitis sufferers by its patented, fast acting heel and arch pain relief system.

Plantar fasciitis often produces excruciating pain, which is activity-limiting and often described to feel like an ice pick in the heel, particularly upon first standing in the morning. The effect of plantar fasciitis on a breadwinner be it a professional athlete, convenience store clerk, or caregiver, impacts the entire family.

The ABK patented heel pain treatment system is quickly becoming the choice of athletes and other well informed users seeking a conservative solution. The product based on these patents is the FasciaDerm® PFTape System (TM), which is sold under license by Mueller Sports Medicine (MSM). Priced at around $20 for a package containing seven days worth of applications, this pain relieving system brings treatment within economic reach of many individuals whom would otherwise suffer without effective options. This underserved group often includes the uninsured, working poor and others less fortunate.

The ABK-held patents cover a disposable, and adhesively applied, two-part foot taping system, which is configured for ease of self-application. The material used in this system is an ultra thin and ultra strong microfiber fabric, whose properties can be described as "fascia-like". These properties and methods of application enable FasciaDerm® to provide direct support to the plantar fascia, essentially providing it a degree of rest. Protecting and supporting the plantar fascia consistently in a near 24/7 manner is key to achieving rapid pain relief. As the plantar fascia is allowed to rest, the body's need for an inflammatory response decreases and inflammation can then begin to subside. The subsidence of inflammation leads to a reduction in pain. Continued uninterrupted use of the FasciaDerm® heel pain relief system is recommended for a period of days after initial pain relief is achieved. This added treatment time is to allow the plantar fascia to regain strength before subjecting it to heavy loads.

The words humane (i.e. having or showing compassion) and humanitarian (i.e. concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare) apply perfectly to the act of providing relief to those suffering in pain. According to Don Bushby, ABK founder, “FasciaDerm® has brought joy-filled heel pain relief to many who were suffering from plantar fasciitis and loosing hope, while spending themselves poor on less effective alternatives."

“Patents for Humanity” seeks to recognize innovators regardless of size, from large corporations down to the individual inventor. Applied BioKinetics LLC is a single member LLC founded by engineer and innovator Donald Bushby of Houston, Texas. Don was raised by his grandmother on an Illinois farm and dreamed of inventing since an early age. He is pleased to bring a truly effective, non-invasive, innovative, treatment for heel and arch pain to the market. Mr. Bushby thanks Mueller Sports Medicine for making the FasciaDerm® PFTape System(TM) available though a growing number retail locations both in the U.S. and internationally.

Herb Raschka, Senior Vice President at Mueller Sports Medicine, was recently quoted: "The consumer compliments for this unique product are received daily. In the 18 years I have been in the sports medicine retail market, I have never experienced so many outspoken and happy customers!"

The judging of the "Patents for Humanity" contest ends December 31, 2014. The winners will be announced by the USPTO in the first quarter of 2015. See ABK's accepted application to the "Patents for Humanity" contest at

FasciaDerm® is covered by one or more of the following U.S. Pat. Nos. 8,814,818 8,216,162 8,414,511 8,834,398 8,834,397 and D691276. The FasciaDerm® PFTape System (TM) is proudly made in the USA.

For more information, contact Don Bushby at DBushby(at)FasciaDerm(dot)com or visit

Applied BioKinetics LLC is committed to developing innovative, conservative solutions to human ailments through engineering, applied science and practical thinking.

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