Book About Christ’s Return Debuts On Christmas Eve As Miracles Mark Its Journey

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Amidst global chaos, on Christmas Eve over Los Angeles, a mysterious blue light heralds the awakening of a powerful Messenger.

Christ returns to face the New World Order

Fifteen years ago, on Christmas Eve of 1999, aspiring author Ron James wrote the first chapter of his book, “Messiah: Awakenings.”

The former horror writer didn’t know that the book would be the catalyst for a 15-year spiritual odyssey that he says, “Helped me reconcile with a troubled past and my own personal demons.”

Perhaps it is no accident, considering the subject matter of the book. “Messiah: Awakenings” is a modern take on the return of Christ.

Author Ron James, who writes professionally in a variety of fields, refers to “Messiah: Awakenings” as “an action-adventure for the soul.”

“It’s basically, Christ returns to face the New World Order."

The idea for ‘Messiah: Awakenings’ came from the realization that maybe our leaders are merely puppets, being manipulated by a hidden cabal with an insidious agenda.

“I was also thinking about what would happen if Jesus reappeared in the modern world. Certainly, he wouldn’t walk around a city in sandals, preaching on the corner. It would be much more complex. As the two scenarios mingled in my mind, I began to wonder. As the darkest schemes play out on the planet, will the ultimate Light be able to stop them? So, I set upon creating a story that took 15 years to complete, as my own spiritual understandings became clearer.”

As the book evolved, James says, he created scenarios that were supposedly set in the future, only to see them materialize in the real world before his eyes.

“It was very strange. I have had to rewrite entire sections because they were no longer predictions. They happened.”

The book’s promo material makes it sound like a thriller, and Ron James says it truly is.

“Plunge into a frightening future where a small group of the powerful elite has created an elaborate plan to engineer the prophecies of Armageddon, and use it to cement their control of humanity. Amidst global chaos, on Christmas Eve over Los Angeles, California, a mysterious blue light heralds the awakening of a powerful Messenger. Across the world, the epic battle for hearts and minds will define an uncertain future. Will technology and deceit lead humanity to its own enslavement and destruction? Or, can one mysterious and powerful man, armed with a profound truth and unearthly power, turn the tide?”

James says, “The night I finished the last major task needed to complete the release, the sunset from the window took on the color and shape of the cover art for the book. My jaw dropped and I just stood there with goose bumps. The universe was giving me a sign. I am so grateful to have had this journey.”

“Messiah: Awakenings” will be available exclusively on Kindle for the first 90 days, with a release date of the e-book on Christmas Eve, 2014. Kindle Unlimited subscribers and Amazon Prime members who own a Kindle can read “Messiah: Awakenings” for free. Others using Kindle or the Kindle APP can buy their copy for only $7.99.

A limited edition of signed paperback copies is available on the book’s Web site.

The second installment of this saga, tentatively entitled, Messiah: Paradox, will be released Easter Sunday, 2015.

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Author Bio:
Ron James is a prolific filmmaker, an award-winning writer and former chairman of publicity for The Horror Writer’s Association. He specializes in topics that enrich human understanding. James has covered topics such as: New Science, the Paranormal, Metaphysics and Contemporary Spirituality.
His Internet TV network, Ivolve TV, is a media outlet dedicated to such topics. Ron hosts the online show, “Bigger Questions,” which explores mysteries such as: life after death, our place in the universe and the fusion of science and religion, which he believes is crucial to humanity’s future.

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