Fluoride Action North Texas Says: Halt Fluoridation Stand with Sheffie Kadane Vote No to Purchase Hydrofluorosilicic Acid to be Added to the Dallas Water January 28th

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Dallas Postpones vote date to purchase Hydrofluorosilic Acid to raise the Fluoride level of Dallas water: Councilman Sheffie Kadane says: “We have enough fluoride save the money.”

“Artificial Fluoridation a Top Ten Public Health Blunder of the 20th Century”

Regina Imburgia, a Dallas Activist opposing fluoridation says: “Efforts continue in Dallas to educate the Dallas City Council on the many documented risks verses the supposed benefits of Fluoridation. A one minute Public Service Announcement (PSA) has been seen during the Dr. Oz Show on Fox 4 in the Dallas-Ft Worth area with Actor and Activists, Ed Begley Jr. which bullet points the harmful effects of Water Fluoridation. This PSA sponsored by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) http://youtu.be/Uu-kR5mNJ7o will be airing on Fox 4, several more times in January.”

Regina is the organizer of the Fluoride Action North Texas Group and creator of http://www.DogsAgainstFluoridation.com. Regina explains: “The website provides facts about fluoridation, videos of speakers at City Council Meetings, and links to help people get involved to get fluoridation stopped in Dallas. The Mayor and Dallas City Council control what is added to the Dallas area water supply. The area drinking water supply controlled by Dallas includes many suburbs like Irving, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, etc. but Dallas is an International City, many people come here to work and vacation. The water affects more than the customers of the Dallas Water Department. Everyone needs to send a message through the Dallas City Secretary Rosa Rios, by phone or email to Vote No on January 28, 2015 to purchase the toxic, hydrofluorosilicic acid. Have Ms. Rios copy each Council member.”

Regina claims: “A person or company who illegally disposes of this highly reactive toxic waste, hydrofluorosilicic acid, can receive a huge fine and years in prison. Yet, some of the uninformed City Council members want to continue to add this poison to our drinking water knowing Dallas raw untreated water already has .5ppm fluoride.” During the City Council Meeting December 10, 2014 Councilman Callahan made the statement: "And Mayor, I want to point out again that we sometimes take Fluoride out of the water. You know, it is naturally there, but we want to keep a balance throughout the entire balanced water system. So, sometimes we take it out. Sometimes we add in to keep a balance control....” Dallas Water Utilities Director, Jody Puckett told Councilman Dwayne Caraway during a Briefing Meeting on April 27, 2014: “we would have no proposal to remove fluoride that’s naturally occurring...that’s what would literally cost hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Regina says: “Dallas does not have any equipment in place to remove fluoride from the water. It is obvious Councilman Kadane was entirely justified in calling for a postponement of the vote on December 10th. Public Health is a tremendous responsibility and as with Pro-Fluoridation, Councilman Rick Callahan, it is obvious he needs to be more informed before he votes. This decision on January 28 will for years affect well over a million people.”

LULAC leader Henry Rodriguez came to Dallas and told the Council on December 2, 2014:
“LULAC the oldest and largest Hispanic civil rights organization...stands firm in its opposition to fluoridation of public water...it is a civil rights violation.”

Former Pro-Fluoridation, thirty year practicing dentist, Dr William Osmundson DDS MPH informed us during a presentation in Dallas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipbqRGWeXqc : “Artificial Fluoridation a Top Ten Public Health Blunder of the 20th Century.”

Dr Paul Connett PhD. reports: “The third pillar of fluoridation falls. The frequent claim by proponents of fluoridation that for every dollar spent on fluoridation saves $38 in dental costs has just been demolished in a comprehensively documented review article by Lee Ko and Kathleen Thiessen, recently published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health. Ko and Thiessen explained that the frequently cited claim that $38 is saved for every dollar spent on fluoridation is based on faulty assumptions. This claim from Susan Griffin (an economist working for the CDC) has been cited ad nauseam by state health officials and other promoters of fluoridation around the world is now demolished.”

Regina says: “We have science and facts on our side, and we will continue to present it to the council. The Pro-Fluoridation side has antidotal stories and endorsements made by groups and individuals that will bare no liability and cannot present any evidence that fluoridation is “Safe and Effective” for all people. They cannot because it is not safe and effective for all people. They cannot produce documents that the FDA has approved Hydrofluorosilic acid or Fluoride as a “Drug” yet they add it to the water to treat a people, a Doctor would lose his license for doing this.”

Regina informs us: "Tennessee Representative Joey Hensley MD is working to expose the concerns about Fluoridation in this 6 minute video Kathleen Thiessen PdD. and Dan Stockin have words the voting Council need to hear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuy6nPkvcqM."

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings in the year-end video posted on Christmas Eve 2014 said: “Dallasites, for the most part, were all about “science first, not scare tactics.” Regina says: “January 28, Dallas needs to end status quo, and stop listening to pro-fluoridation scare tactics, look at the science. Fluoridation will not stop the tooth decay problem. We need to look to Scotland's Effective Child Smiles approach and really help the tooth decay problem and not put a heavier burden on the poverty areas that are already disproportionally effected by the Hydrofluorosilic acid.”

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