Discounts for TEMPLO Motion Analysis Software Now Being Offered

Discounts being offered for TEMPLO motion analysis software. Available in the US and Canada through zFlo, Inc.

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Discounts for TEMPLO motion analysis software now being offered

BOSTON, MA (PRWEB) June 05, 2014

Motion Analysis Software TEMPLO is redefining runners’ expectations for objective gait analysis in a variety of ways. From revolutionary video gait-analysis systems in running stores across Europe and the US, to innovative and technology-driven solutions like the Saucony Stride Lab, CONTEMPLAS and its partners are leading the charge for bringing more technology into the running industry. Projects like Runnerspoint “World of Running” in Dortmund, Germany, are transforming consumer expectations around the shoe-fitting process, while simultaneously boosting sales and improving customer service:

“We are using the specialized TEMPLO motion analysis software in our shoe retail shops (125) all over Germany. Based on a structured workflow our sales staff can spend more time with the customer and can offer a more individual expert advice. For our customers the purchase of a running shoe becomes an emotional experience and generates a long term customer loyalty.” – Otto Hurtler, Managing Director – Runnerspoint (Germany)

Here in the US, CONTEMPLAS partner zFlo has been providing the TEMPLO software to both running shops, and to advanced running clinics, who utilize multi-camera systems to capture and analyze running form from multiple perspectives in order to assist in form improvement (performance) and injury rehabilitation (rehab). With high-speed camera options available, and seamless integration with 3rd party devices like EMG and Force-Platforms, TEMPLO is the ideal solution for anyone who is seeking to improve their ability to properly assess form and function of running and walking. Now for summer 2014 zFlo is offering TEMPLO software at a reduced rate – with multi-license discounts available as well!

zFlo, Inc. is an American provider of video-analysis software, EMG systems, and other high-tech measurement devices. In addition, zFlo develops customized workflow solutions for retailers seeking to improve efficiency and data-gathering in their sales processes.

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