Hayward to Show the First Hayward Healthy Home Construction at PCBC in San Francisco in Booth #5514

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Hayward announces that it will show how a Hayward Healthy Home should be constructed at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco on June 25 and June 26, 2014 in Booth #5514.

Hayward announces that it will show how a Hayward Healthy Home should be constructed at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco on June 25 and June 26, 2014 in Booth #5514.

Hayward announces that it will show how a Hayward Healthy Home should be constructed at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco on June 25 and June 26, 2014 in Booth #5514.
“What is a Hayward Healthy Home?” A Hayward Healthy Home delivers continuous fresh air while flushing away the moisture laden stale air that accumulates inside traditionally built homes. This is done through the combination of an air management system to provide continuous fresh air, airtightness throughout the structure to prevent air from leaking in through cavities and crawl spaces and the use of non-toxic materials. For more information, visit http://www.haywardhealthyhome.com

Why is a healthy home important? The EPA has said that 46% of homes, commercial buildings and schools have an indoor air quality problem due to moisture and mold. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design indicated in their Green Apple Campaign that 15,000 schools in the U.S. have indoor air that is unfit to breathe. Air is like food. Unhealthy air inside our houses degrades our health.

How do people experience a healthy home? The difference is palpable. People who live in healthy homes feel better in the house. They quickly notice that the air feels fresh and clean. They complain less about allergies and asthma and they feel sick less frequently. This happens because their bodies experience a lower burden to defend themselves while inside of the home. A healthy home often creates a greater sense of well-being for all of its occupants. It is less drafty, more uniform in temperature and more comfortable.    

How do you build a Hayward Healthy Home?

The very first Hayward Healthy Home was delivered to its Carmel-By-The-Sea property site in February, 2014. It was constructed in five sections and built in San Jose, Calif. These sections were lowered into place by a crane. This home incorporates the four key principles of a Hayward Healthy Home, explained on http://www.haywardhealthyhome.com

1.    Continuous fresh air
a.    Supports better sleep and improves alertness
b.    Air management system
i.    Fills house with continuous fresh air
ii.    Continuously exhausts stale, humid air from bathrooms and kitchen
iii.    Reduces dampness, mold and mildew
c.    Zehnder air management system
i.    Quiet: the only completely silent system
ii.    Balanced ventilation: eliminates drafts, hot & cold spots in rooms
iii.    Heat recovery: 92% efficient heat exchange reduces HVAC load
iv.    Filtered: pollen and dust eliminated from incoming air
v.    Uses energy equivalent to a 40 watt light bulb
vi.    Engineered in Switzerland
2.    Properly seal and insulate using Hayward Healthy Home approved products
a.    Unilux Windows
i.    High energy efficiency .25 u-factor
ii.    Architecturally beautiful
b.    Prosoco Waterproofing
i.    Liquid and vapor permeable
ii.    Easy to install, simplifies process
iii.    Penetrations in membrane chemically resealed
c.    UltraTouch Denim Insulation
i.    Made from natural cotton recycled blue jean scraps
ii.    Non-toxic treatment inhibits mold and mildew growth
iii.    Excellent thermal performance and sound absorption characteristics
3.    Minimize toxic materials
a.    Each product in home evaluated for chemical content and potential off-gassing after installation
b.    Hayward Healthy Home approved non-toxic products
i.    Henkel exterior and interior caulks, adhesives and foams
ii.    Gorilla Glue & Tape
iii.    Murphy Oil Soap
c.    Some products approved only with specific conditions
i.    Pressure treated lumber-painted to encapsulate toxins
4.    Cleanable surfaces
a.    Hardwood floors and rugs instead of carpet
b.    Smooth surfaces instead of rough surfaces
c.    Minimize “pockets” where dust and dander can accumulate and which are difficult to clean
d.    Minimize construction dust
i.    Use correct jobsite tools and procedures
ii.    Isolate as much as possible from living spaces, particularly in finish stages

The Hayward Healthy Home Website: http://www.haywardhealthyhome.com has informative videos, additional information, and a free Guide to a Healthier Home. Visit it for additional information about how to build a Hayward Healthy Home

About Hayward
Hayward has been supplying products, services, and solutions to the construction market since 1919. A fourth-generation family-owned operation, Monterey-based Hayward has grown to include seven lumberyards and hardware stores in San Mateo, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties, as well as six Hayward Design Centers. For more information about Hayward Healthy Home®, visit http://www.haywardhealthyhome.com or call Peter Grossman at 831-643-1900 ext. 223.

Contact: Peter Grossman
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