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Bay Area resident and author Rebecca Duvall tells her personal story of struggles with religion, betrayal, illness and sacrifices in her new book "In His Way." Duvall, an independent mother of two, divorcee, and anti-religious person, found love with a police officer.

"In His Way" by Rebecca Duvall

If you've had kids, been divorced, been married, lost a parent, or tried to live up to someone else's expectations -- READ THIS!

Author Rebecca Duvall shares her journey going from bread winner to being dependent, immersed in the world of law enforcement wife and experiencing betrayal by her husband's infidelity in her new book, "In His Way." Compounding her stress, Duvall must also deal with her daughter's Epilepsy, her husband's failing health and medical retirement, placing her in the role of caretaker.

Through this experience, Duvall must make a heart-wrenching decision on giving her kidney to save her husband's life. Supportive friends share with Duvall the need to turn to God for guidance and help. This is her story of those struggles, her decisions and her path of discovery.

In His Way is available at You may also find more about Duvall and her book at

About Rebecca Duvall:

Rebecca Duvall felt God tugging at her to share the story of her struggles with religion, betrayal, illness, sacrifices and her path to acceptance.

Writing In His Way placed Duvall on a path of discovery - witnessing God's mercy, forgiveness and enduring love. While continuing to struggle with life's ups and downs, faith and family, Duvall has grown in her faith and is an active member of a local church.

Duvall has always been a self-starter, confident and independent, leaning on no one, not even God, for support or guidance. With no religious foundation, Duvall would distance herself from associates, friends and family whenever religion, or God, was the topic of conversation. Duvall felt she had to stand on her own and considered herself the one to hold things together.

As her children passed through grade school, Duvall became active in school programs, and served as Parent Teacher Clubs Treasurer and President. Her passion was to support her children, the school and teachers. Working in a secular environment served to galvanize Duvall's ideas that God had no place in school, the community or her life.

Duvall, a divorcee, was swept off her feet by Robert, a Deputy Sheriff/County Coroner. They eventually married and had a son of their own. Robert's work schedule and the nature of his work at times drove a wedge in their relationship. The divide became so intense it led Duvall to immerse herself in her children and school activities, pushing Robert away - leading to his affair.

Robert developed a number of heart and organ related illnesses and was forced to medically retire. Duvall learned of the affair and was now forced into the role of caretaker, exacerbating the rift between them. Duvall was also dealing with her daughter's Epilepsy, adding to her stress.

At the lowest point in her life, Duvall shared her situation with women she volunteered with, always mindful that God was not someone or something she could turn to. After all, she did not believe God to be real. Through these women Duvall came to realize that God was indeed real and she could turn to him for help.

Duvall was invited by friends to attend church and while hesitant, felt there was nothing to loose. The sermons by the pastor made sense and at times he appeared to be speaking to her. She felt God touch her heart and came to understand that she was not really in charge of things after all. She was merely another person struggling through life with its many ups and downs. She could either go it alone, or lean on God to help. Duvall learned to pray and began the process of turning her life, problems and journey over to God.

As she did so, Robert became more ill, required life-saving surgeries and eventually needed a kidney transplant. God chose Duvall to donate the kidney to Robert. At first she rebelled and would not consent to even being tested. God got the upper hand and she eventually came to see her role guided by God. Robert received the kidney from Duvall and slowly recovered.

Duvall's story goes deep into her struggles, mental anguish and the physical wounds of her journey. She shares her innermost feelings, reaction of friends, Robert's thoughts and her eventual acceptance of Jesus Christ and what it means to become a Christian.

Duvall continues to share her daily struggles with faith and family through her blog She enjoys connecting with others via the Internet and sharing their ‘God Stories’ on her blog. If you have a ‘God Story’ you would like to share on her blog, you can reach her through her website.

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