Dave the Property Guy: Rise of the Intrepreneur

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Hope for the Real Estate & Job Market in a Low Mortgage Rate Environment

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From start to finish Dave will guide you along the way help and giving you professional advice that will make your journey through real estate less stressful and more exciting.

I live in the Chicago tower at Square One. I have first hand knowledge of not only that building but also the inner workings of the area. So who better to trust then someone that is your neighbor to help you in buying or selling?

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It has never been a better time to buy or sell with record lows in mortgage rates for Mississauga Condos. Rates are still falling and experts say new record low deals could be on the way. Dave the Property Guy suggests to shop around for the lowest fixed rate mortgage deals.

Big business is in the business of cutting jobs. Streamlining, optimizing and automating have become routine core initiatives for large firms with results that directly impact the bottom line and in turn erode the job market.

Long gone are the days of lifetime security and stability in the workplace. Current trends predict every generation that enters the workforce will change positions, companies and even careers more times than the generation that preceded them. The constant changes in the job market leave many in an overwhelming cloud of uncertainty and a dismal feeling of hopelessness.

Enter the entrepreneur: Defined as a business operator who does so while taking on above average financial risks.

The technological revolution that has recently transpired following the introduction of the transistor in nineteen forty-seven has created a climate that fosters creativity, innovation and individual opportunity for profit. The individuals who can recognize and satisfy a need in the market often become successful entrepreneurs.

Individuals are taking the entrepreneurial plunge at a rate that has never been seen before. Venture capitalists are investing more money than ever into small companies and small companies are becoming large companies in extremely short time spans. High risk can gain high reward and like a great gold rush people are testing their fortune.

The entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, the allure of independent success intoxicating, but is it always feasible? More importantly, is it reasonable?

It is a well-known fact that the majority of startups are destined to fail; Bloomberg reports a staggering new business failure rate of eighty percent in the first year and a half. The statistical likelihood of survival for the average entrepreneur is only twenty percent, one in five, a clear indication that entrepreneurial endeavors are not always the reasonable option for success.

Enter the intrepreneur. Defined as an individual within an organization, an “employee” who conducts himself or herself in a manner congruent with an entrepreneur.

An increase in successful entrepreneurial endeavors has spawned a need for like-minded individuals within organizations. Increased competition in the marketplace often favors versatility, which is a common trait amongst small successful companies. In order to combat this deficit many large firms are making seismic shifts in management styles to compete with the autonomous ambidextrous little guys.

Entrepreneurial skills are quickly becoming sought after attributes in the recruiting process and can be the difference in long-term personal success and financial security.

As many industries are adjusting to modern management practices, the real estate industry has been pioneering and nearly perfecting the intrepreneurial employment model. Real estate agents are required to work with a broker, therefore brokerages offer positions to agents and then expect the agent to be self reliant in generating business.

Real estate agents are taking business into their own hands by developing their own brand to work alongside their brokerage. They are running their own ads, hosting their own events, building their own websites, they are even utilizing state of the art technologies like drones to photograph and create exciting virtual tours of available properties.

The real estate agent and the brokerage have developed a very modern relationship, one that is likely to invade many other industries. The agent benefits from unlimited potential with very little risk and overhead that is typically associated with a startup and the brokerage benefits by committing a minimal investment in team members.

Dave Wrobel of DaveThePropertyGuy.com understands what it takes to be an intrepreneur and unlike other real estate agents and brokerages he is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to satisfy all real estate related needs specializing in the Limelight Condos, Chicago Condos and Absolute Condos.

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