Recruitment Village Shares Workforce Management Tips To Recruitment Agencies In Dubai As New Report Reveals Growing Skills Gap

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A recent report from PwC says CEOs are finding it hard to find the right people to fill the roles that are critical to the growth of their organizations. Online job portal Recruitment Village recently issued some valuable insights to address the recruitment concerns of today’s global businesses.

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When it comes to recruitment, Dubai companies and organizations worldwide can gain traction in their market if they know how to take advantage of new tools and technologies that enable them to reach out effectively to the global talent pool.

Recruitment agents in Dubai and companies all over the world feeling the negative impacts of the growing talent gap should realize that there are no quick fixes for the issue. But through innovative recruitment techniques and a strategy for talent management that is primed for the future, organizations can effectively reach out to skilled professionals who will help drive the organization to success, online recruitment specialists at Recruitment Village said recently.

Recruitment Village issued the statement in light of a PwC report published May 2014 that reveals global organizations are experiencing more difficulties in tapping new talents for critical roles and business leaders consider this as a problem that may largely hinder their growth (source: More than 1,300 CEOs in 68 countries acting as respondents in the survey say their businesses are growing, and therefore, additional new job positions are opening.

Despite the supposedly exciting outlook for growth, the general sentiment is fear. Companies are worried that they won’t be able to easily address their struggle to overcome their shortage of skilled employees given the current conditions.

The study also says that 63 percent of CEOs are gearing toward a hiring spree in the next 12 months, but they consider the lack of key skills as the “biggest threat to their organization’s growth.” Ninety-six percent of business leaders in Africa, 90 percent in South East Asia, and 87 percent in South Africa are in this position.

According to a headhunter, Dubai companies echo the same concerns as they note how even the most powerful and effective recruitment campaigns in the past have now fallen short in the face of the fiercer competition for talent today. They know that if they want to achieve their growth prospects, they must be able to build a highly competent team that can deliver (or exceed) market expectations.

Online recruitment specialists at Recruitment Village say that this is possible if organizations can determine their strengths that they can use to address the changes happening in the business environment today. “When it comes to recruitment, Dubai companies and organizations in business hubs worldwide can gain traction in their market if they know how to take advantage of new tools and technologies that enable them to reach out effectively to the global talent pool,” a recruitment specialist said.

The Recruitment Village portal is seen as an ideal example of how online communication and virtual connectivity can be utilized to build a global community that can serve the interest of both employers and employees. Their CV database, recruitment features, and valuable content help jobseekers to advance their search and companies to find qualified talent efficiently.

One of the reasons why Recruitment Village continues to be an effective jobmarket platform is the framework behind their services. The Village does away with the conventional belief that talent recruitment, retention and development is a one-way street; instead, it redefines the business environment of the future as a community. Both company and jobhunter should actively network and seek avenues until they find the connections they are looking for. In this scenario, the job site is not just a place to post wanted ads, but a platform for building a network and creating relationships that will be elemental to mutual success.

“The skills gap is real and something that should be addressed urgently. But to bridge the gap, there should be a collective effort from all stakeholders, namely companies, talents, policymakers and industry leaders,” a recruitment specialist says. “No one entity can solve the problem. For long-term, positive change, it takes a village.”

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