The Binary Options Experts Divulges the Role of Gratitude in the Trader's Life, Presents Meaningful Challenge to Readers

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Gratitude takes center stage in the latest blog post from the binary options trading consultancy. The experts explore this psychological aspect of trading and encourage readers to take up exercises that would help them apply this to their own lives.

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There are traders who still believe that the psychological aspect of trading isn't that important. There are many distractions that can keep us from being truly thankful.

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Being thankful and appreciative in life is believed to be an essential component of experiencing happiness and satisfaction, but not many traders will immediately see it as something that people in their niche would have great use for. A recent blog post from trading consultancy firm The Binary Options Experts makes the connection between gratitude and trading, revealing the benefits of nurturing psychological traits for improved trading performance.

"There are traders who ... still believe that the psychological aspect of trading isn't that important," begins Duane Cunningham, VP for Global Operations of The Binary Options Experts. "There are many distractions that can keep us from being truly thankful."

While most people's earliest (and perhaps most lasting) lessons on observing gratitude came from within their families — like the beloved grandmother who repeatedly tells them that "saying 'thank you' is a good thing" — Cunningham points out that there are individuals such as Robert Emmons who provide greater insight (of the scientific sort) on the subject. Early studies from "the world's most prominent researcher in the study of gratitude" reveal, for example, that consistently grateful people are more energetic, hopeful and happier. They are also less likely to be lonely, depressed, anxious or neurotic.

Another recognized figure in the study of gratitude, Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, came up with eight different reasons why practicing gratitude is useful, which Cunningham reworked to apply to the unique situation of trading and handling binary options systems. Here are three of those reasons:

1. Grateful thinking helps people savor positive life experiences. It's quite common for traders to beat themselves up over losses or trading mistakes — and then completely fail to acknowledge or celebrate well-executed trades. "Enjoying the process of trading — 'the game,' as it were — is a key to longevity in the business," says Cunningham.

2. Gratitude can help build social bonds. In the case of trading binary stock options, the VP explains that this could translate to "don't use people as a means to an end." The solitary nature of trading tends to remove traders from healthy social networking, and they need to keep this in check. Practicing gratitude means that a trader can see another person as a unique and valuable individual, and not as a binary entity (useful vs. not useful — if you don't have useful information to give me, then go away).

3. Expressing gratitude promotes moral behavior. Gratitude comes side by side with kindness, compassion and other positive traits — characteristics that should be especially cultivated in, as Cunningham calls it, "a business that is the ultimate meritocracy."

To round out the blog post, a challenge is presented to readers, composed of two projects that they can accomplish: creating a weekly gratitude list and directly expressing gratitude to another person. "Complete both of these projects, and you will get two benefits," says Cunningham. "First, you’ll find yourself in a happier, more productive state more of the time. And secondly, your trading will improve."

To learn more about forex binary options trading, read the full blog post, and obtain details for the challenge mentioned above, visit The Binary Options Experts' website today.

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