Online Fax Revisited 2014 - Reasons Why It Has Become Popular With Companies

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New Post by examines the growing popularity of Internet fax services & reasons why every business should be using them.

Online Fax Revisited

Online Fax Revisited 2014 - Why Is It So Popular?

Online fax services have become extremely popular with many forward-thinking modern companies because of its cheaper costs and complete portability.

New blog post by, a 12 year old small business marketing site, re-examines the growing trend towards web-based online faxing among both individuals and companies in recent years. The post presents numerous reasons for this movement towards email faxing and the expanding growth of "cloud services" in today's business world. Computers, email and the web are slowly but surely replacing the traditional fax machine in the office.

However, just as email has replaced traditional "snail mail" for much of our communications, there is still a need for the post office. In a similar light, there will probably always be a place for the fax machine, but its importance will diminish over time. It is no surprise, in today's wireless mobile "ever-connected" world, sending one's faxes via the Internet is the next logical step if businesses want to take full advantage of these new technologies.

It is the complete portability or mobility offered by these web-based fax providers which may be the key factor propelling the growth of these services. Faxes can be sent/received from any location and at any time. This essentially means one's company or business is open 24/7, 365 days of the year. If faxing plays a significant role in communicating with employees and/or clients within a given organization, obviously, having a flexible mobile system will provide an extra competitive advantage in the marketplace.

"Perhaps, besides the cheaper costs, what is really proliferating these online fax services is the simple convenience and ease of use," says Titus Hoskins, a former school teacher who now runs the Bizwaremagic site. "These days, just about everyone has email and are connected to the net so using your email to send and receive your faxes is a no-brainer."

After one considers all the environmental benefits of using "paperless" faxing and all the energy it will save - going green seems like a better alternative. There is less deforestation and destruction of wildlife habitat. Plus, much of the energy produced in America and the rest of the world, still comes from coal and this can release harmful chemicals and toxins into the atmosphere. As everyone has seen in recent years, climate change and global warming are real threats and must be taken seriously.

However, the fundamental reason these Internet fax services have taken a strong foothold in today's world, goes a little deeper than cheaper costs, greater mobility, more security or even ease of use. That reason mainly has to do with integration - fully connecting all one's faxes into the company's computer network. All departments and salesforce can be on the same page and receive all office or business communications simultaneously. Using online fax can "digitize" all communications so faxes can be easily retrieved regardless if they were received five seconds or five months ago.

On a higher level, many companies are now integrating their faxing into complete virtual PBX phone systems where Internet fax is just one component. These web-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) programs uses VOIP systems and can offer many features such as call forwarding, video conferencing, office intercom, virtual secretary and many more. RingCentral Office is one example of how a company's business communications can be fully integrated into one low-cost phone system.

Regardless of the many different reasons, using a web-based fax system on its own or in conjunction with a traditional fax machine/number, seems to be the wave of the future. It has gained a strong foothold in the modern business world and that foothold is likely to expand and grow in the coming years. Companies can ignore this fact, but they might have to pay a heavy price for that decision. is a small business marketing site and was founded in 2002. The site offers many helpful guides on all aspects of running an online business - including Web Marketing, List Building, Computer Laptops and Internet Fax Services. Over the years, it has helped thousands of companies find the right fax provider to meet their specific needs. Its online fax guide is located on the web here:

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