Ticket Monster Announces Atlanta Braves 2014 Season Schedule and Tickets at Turner Field

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2014 Atlanta Braves Schedule, Stadium, and Tickets by Ticket Monster

Atlanta Braves Schedule

Atlanta Braves Schedule

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The Atlanta Braves returned to the top of the NL East in 2013 after several years of not making the playoffs. During the 1990's the Braves were atop the NL East every year. Literally. They won several straight pennants and they were in the NLCS what seemed like every single year. We saw some of that magic again in 2013 and it will be fun to see what happens in 2014.

The Braves won their division by 10 games in 2013 and they had one of the most exciting teams in baseball. If the pitching staff can stay healthy and the young guns continue their good hitting it is hard to imagine a team will dethrone the Atlanta Braves in 2014.

Table of Contents

1. Atlanta Braves Tickets
2. Turner Field Attendance
3. 2014 Atlanta Braves Season Schedule

1. Atlanta Braves Tickets

Even though the Atlanta Braves won their division and had one of the best teams in all of professional baseball in 2013 they finished the season 8th out of 15 teams in attendance. Coming from experience, there are not a lot of diehard sports fans in Atlanta that have to go to every game. There are a number of entertainment options available and it is easy to miss the sporting events. If you plan to go to a Braves game make sure to get your tickets from Ticket Monster.

The fact that demand is not strong for Braves tickets means prices will not be extremely high. Look for many affordable tickets for weekday and weeknight games. Weekend games can be somewhat busier just because everyone is off work and they are looking for something to do. Wednesday and Thursday weekday games are enjoyable because they are not all that busy and the tickets can be cheap.

2. Turner Field Attendance

Turner Field was originally built for the 1996 Olympics and is getting old in terms of modern baseball facilities. In fact, Atlanta will be building a brand new baseball stadium in the near future. At the present time Turner Field holds 54,357 people. Even with a larger capacity than many major league stadiums it still does not help the Braves in terms of attendance numbers.

3. 2014 Atlanta Braves Season Schedule


3/31    at MIL    2:10 PM ET    


4/01    at MIL    8:10 PM ET    
4/02    at MIL    1:10 PM ET    
4/04    at WAS    1:05 PM ET    
4/05    at WAS    TBA    
4/06    at WAS    TBA    
4/08    vs. NYM    TBA    
4/09    vs. NYM    TBA    
4/10    vs. NYM    TBA    
4/11    vs. WAS    TBA    
4/12    vs. WAS    TBA    
4/13    vs. WAS    TBA    
4/14    at PHI    7:05 PM ET    
4/15    at PHI    7:05 PM ET    
4/16    at PHI    7:05 PM ET    
4/17    at PHI    1:05 PM ET    
4/18    at NYM    7:10 PM ET    
4/19    at NYM    7:10 PM ET    
4/20    at NYM    1:10 PM ET    
4/21    vs. MIA    TBA    
4/22    vs. MIA    TBA    
4/23    vs. MIA    TBA    
4/25    vs. CIN    TBA    
4/26    vs. CIN    TBA    
4/27    vs. CIN    TBA    
4/29    at MIA    7:10 PM ET    
4/30    at MIA    7:10 PM ET    


5/01    at MIA    7:10 PM ET    
5/02    vs. SFG    TBA    
5/03    vs. SFG    TBA    
5/04    vs. SFG    TBA    
5/05    vs. STL    TBA    
5/06    vs. STL    TBA    
5/07    vs. STL    TBA    
5/09    vs. CHC    TBA    
5/10    vs. CHC    TBA    
5/11    vs. CHC    TBA    
5/12    at SFG    10:15 PM ET    
5/13    at SFG    10:15 PM ET    
5/14    at SFG    3:45 PM ET    
5/16    at STL    8:15 PM ET    
5/17    at STL    2:15 PM ET    
5/18    at STL    2:15 PM ET    
5/19    vs. MIL    TBA    
5/20    vs. MIL    TBA    
5/21    vs. MIL    TBA    
5/22    vs. MIL    TBA    
5/23    vs. COL    TBA    
5/24    vs. COL    TBA    
5/25    vs. COL    TBA    
5/26    vs. BOS    TBA    
5/27    vs. BOS    TBA    
5/28    at BOS    7:10 PM ET    
5/29    at BOS    7:10 PM ET    
5/30    at MIA    7:10 PM ET    
5/31    at MIA    4:10 PM ET    


6/01    at MIA    1:10 PM ET    
6/03    vs. SEA    TBA    
6/04    vs. SEA    TBA    
6/06    at ARI    9:40 PM ET    
6/07    at ARI    10:10 PM ET    
6/08    at ARI    4:10 PM ET    
6/09    at COL    8:40 PM ET    
6/10    at COL    8:40 PM ET    
6/11    at COL    8:40 PM ET    
6/12    at COL    3:10 PM ET    
6/13    vs. ANA    TBA    
6/14    vs. ANA    TBA    
6/15    vs. ANA    TBA    
6/16    vs. PHI    TBA    
6/17    vs. PHI    TBA    
6/18    vs. PHI    TBA    
6/19    at WAS    7:05 PM ET    
6/20    at WAS    7:05 PM ET    
6/21    at WAS    TBA    
6/22    at WAS    TBA    
6/24    at HOU    TBA    
6/25    at HOU    TBA    
6/26    at HOU    TBA    
6/27    at PHI    7:05 PM ET    
6/28    at PHI    3:05 PM ET    
6/29    at PHI    1:05 PM ET    
6/30    vs. NYM    TBA    


7/01    vs. NYM    TBA    
7/02    vs. NYM    TBA    
7/04    vs. ARI    TBA    
7/05    vs. ARI    TBA    
7/06    vs. ARI    TBA    
7/07    at NYM    7:10 PM ET    
7/08    at NYM    7:10 PM ET    
7/09    at NYM    7:10 PM ET    
7/10    at NYM    7:10 PM ET    
7/11    at CHC    4:05 PM ET    
7/12    at CHC    4:05 PM ET    
7/13    at CHC    TBA    
7/18    vs. PHI    TBA    
7/19    vs. PHI    TBA    
7/20    vs. PHI    TBA    
7/21    vs. MIA    TBA    
7/22    vs. MIA    TBA    
7/23    vs. MIA    TBA    
7/24    vs. MIA    TBA    
7/25    vs. SDP    TBA    
7/26    vs. SDP    TBA    
7/27    vs. SDP    TBA    
7/28    vs. SDP    TBA    
7/29    at LOS    10:10 PM ET    
7/30    at LOS    10:10 PM ET    
7/31    at LOS    10:10 PM ET    


8/01    at SDP    TBA    
8/02    at SDP    TBA    
8/03    at SDP    TBA    
8/05    at SEA    10:10 PM ET    
8/06    at SEA    3:40 PM ET    
8/08    vs. WAS    TBA    
8/09    vs. WAS    TBA    
8/10    vs. WAS    TBA    
8/11    vs. LOS    TBA    
8/12    vs. LOS    TBA    
8/13    vs. LOS    TBA    
8/14    vs. LOS    TBA    
8/15    vs. OAK    TBA    
8/16    vs. OAK    TBA    
8/17    vs. OAK    TBA    
8/18    at PIT    7:05 PM ET    
8/19    at PIT    7:05 PM ET    
8/20    at PIT    7:05 PM ET    
8/21    at CIN    7:10 PM ET    
8/22    at CIN    7:10 PM ET    
8/23    at CIN    TBA    
8/24    at CIN    1:10 PM ET    
8/26    at NYM    7:10 PM ET    
8/27    at NYM    7:10 PM ET    
8/28    at NYM    7:10 PM ET    
8/29    vs. MIA    TBA    
8/30    vs. MIA    TBA    
8/31    vs. MIA    TBA    


9/01    vs. PHI    TBA    
9/02    vs. PHI    TBA    
9/03    vs. PHI    TBA    
9/05    at MIA    7:10 PM ET    
9/06    at MIA    7:10 PM ET    
9/07    at MIA    1:10 PM ET    
9/08    at WAS    7:05 PM ET    
9/09    at WAS    7:05 PM ET    
9/10    at WAS    4:05 PM ET    
9/12    at TEX    8:05 PM ET    
9/13    at TEX    1:05 PM ET    
9/14    at TEX    3:05 PM ET    
9/15    vs. WAS    TBA    
9/16    vs. WAS    TBA    
9/17    vs. WAS    TBA    
9/19    vs. NYM    TBA    
9/20    vs. NYM    TBA    
9/21    vs. NYM    TBA    
9/22    vs. PIT    TBA    
9/23    vs. PIT    TBA    
9/24    vs. PIT    TBA    
9/25    vs. PIT    TBA    
9/26    at PHI    7:05 PM ET    
9/27    at PHI    7:05 PM ET    
9/28    at PHI    1:35 PM ET

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