Ticket Monster Announces 2014 Detroit Schedule, Attendance, and Tickets at Comerica Park

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2014 Detroit Tigers Schedule, Attendance and Tickets at Comerica Park

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What a year for the Detroit Tigers. The Michigan team has done generally well over the years, but did especially great in 2013. They clinched the AL Central division with no problem, then made it all the way to the American League Championship Series, where they had an unfortunate fall to the Boston Red Sox, who would go on to win the World Series. The Tigers consider 2013 one of the most eventful in Detroit Tigers history. They never expected themselves to go as far as they did, and ended up only one short step away from the title.

One of the most fascinating stories may be that of Miguel Cabrera, who, in the 2012 season, was the first Triple Crown winner in 45 years. In 2013, Cabrera somehow improved from last season with his career best statistics and was once again named AL MVP. The team and Tigers fans will be expecting a lot to come from this hot player in 2014. Those looking for Detroit Tigers tickets to watch Cabrera and the rest of the team go all the way this season can find the best deals at Ticket Monster.

Table of Contents:
1.    Detroit Tigers Tickets
2.    Comerica Park Attendance
3.    Detroit Tigers Schedule

1. Detroit Tigers Tickets

While the Tigers dominated the last few years in the league and have plans to continue to do so, ticket prices are going to rise. They had a franchise record $148.2 million in player salaries in 2013, and that may only go up in 2014. In order to pay for the team’s success and high salary rate, ticket prices are going to rise. Fans will be paying slightly more to see their favorite team dominate the American League, but it will all be worth it. The stadium used to boast a $5 ticket as the cheapest way for a person or family to enjoy a Tigers game, but that price has now gone up to $12. In 2013 there was also a new three level pricing plan introduced that determines prices based on the popularity of the opponent and the time of the season. With a great year behind the Tigers, it would not be shocking to see these price levels rise even more. The last time the Tigers won a World Series was in 1984, but they have been knocking on the door ever since. 2014 just might be Detroit’s year for success, and fans can experience it using http://www.Ticketmonster.com.

2. Comerica Park Attendance

Comerica Park is the home to the Detroit Tigers of the MLB. In 2013, the team had a total of 3,083,397 fans attend the stadium, good for sixth most in the league. This was the fourth year that the team surpassed 3 million tickets, and this past season was the Tigers’ second best home game attendance record ever.

3. Detroit Tigers Schedule

Mon, 3/31    Royals    TBD                  
Wed, 4/2    Royals    TBD                  
Thu, 4/3    Royals    TBD                  
Fri, 4/4    Orioles    TBD                  
Sat, 4/5    Orioles    TBD          
Sun, 4/6    Orioles    TBD                  
Tue, 4/8    at Dodgers    10:10p                  
Wed, 4/9    at Dodgers    10:10p              
Fri, 4/11    at Padres    TBD          
Sat, 4/12    at Padres    TBD                  
Sun, 4/13    at Padres    TBD                  
Tue, 4/15    Indians    TBD              
Wed, 4/16    Indians    TBD             
Thu, 4/17    Indians    TBD             
Fri, 4/18    Angels    TBD                  
Sat, 4/19    Angels    TBD                  
Sun, 4/20    Angels    TBD                  
Mon, 4/21    White Sox    TBD                  
Tue, 4/22    White Sox    TBD                  
Wed, 4/23    White Sox    TBD                  
Thu, 4/24    White Sox    TBD                  
Fri, 4/25    at Twins    8:10p                  
Sat, 4/26    at Twins    TBD                  
Sun, 4/27    at Twins    2:10p                  
Tue, 4/29    at White Sox    TBD                  
Wed, 4/30    at White Sox    TBD                  
Fri, 5/2    at Royals    TBD                  
Sat, 5/3    at Royals    TBD              
Sun, 5/4    at Royals    TBD                  
Mon, 5/5    Astros    TBD                  
Tue, 5/6    Astros    TBD                  
Wed, 5/7    Astros    TBD                  
Thu, 5/8    Astros    TBD             
Fri, 5/9    Twins    TBD             
Sat, 5/10    Twins    TBD                  
Sun, 5/11    Twins    TBD                  
Mon, 5/12    at Orioles    7:05p                  
Tue, 5/13    at Orioles    7:05p                  
Wed, 5/14    at Orioles    12:35p             
Fri, 5/16    at Red Sox    TBD                  
Sat, 5/17    at Red Sox    TBD                  
Sun, 5/18    at Red Sox    TBD                  
Mon, 5/19    at Indians    TBD             
Tue, 5/20    at Indians    TBD             
Wed, 5/21    at Indians    TBD                  
Thu, 5/22    Rangers    TBD                  
Fri, 5/23    Rangers    TBD                  
Sat, 5/24    Rangers    TBD                  
Sun, 5/25    Rangers    TBD                  
Mon, 5/26    at Athletics    4:05p                  
Tue, 5/27    at Athletics    10:05p                  
Wed, 5/28    at Athletics    10:05p             
Thu, 5/29    at Athletics    3:35p                  
Fri, 5/30    at Mariners    10:10p             
Sat, 5/31    at Mariners    10:10p                  
Sun, 6/1    at Mariners    4:10p                  
Tue, 6/3    Blue Jays    TBD                  
Wed, 6/4    Blue Jays    TBD              
Thu, 6/5    Blue Jays    TBD                  
Fri, 6/6    Red Sox    TBD                  
Sat, 6/7    Red Sox    TBD                  
Sun, 6/8    Red Sox    TBD             
Mon, 6/9    at White Sox    TBD                  
Tue, 6/10    at White Sox    TBD                  
Wed, 6/11    at White Sox    TBD                  
Thu, 6/12    at White Sox    TBD                  
Fri, 6/13    Twins    TBD                  
Sat, 6/14    Twins    TBD                  
Sun, 6/15    Twins    TBD                  
Mon, 6/16    Royals    TBD                  
Tue, 6/17    Royals    TBD                  
Wed, 6/18    Royals    TBD                  
Fri, 6/20    at Indians    TBD                  
Sat, 6/21    at Indians    TBD                  
Sun, 6/22    at Indians    TBD                  
Tue, 6/24    at Rangers    TBD                  
Wed, 6/25    at Rangers    TBD                  
Thu, 6/26    at Rangers    TBD                  
Fri, 6/27    at Astros    TBD                  
Sat, 6/28    at Astros    TBD                  
Sun, 6/29    at Astros    TBD                  
Mon, 6/30    Athletics    TBD                  
Tue, 7/1    Athletics    TBD                  
Wed, 7/2    Athletics    TBD                  
Thu, 7/3    Rays    TBD                  
Fri, 7/4    Rays    TBD                  
Sat, 7/5    Rays    TBD                  
Sun, 7/6    Rays    TBD                  
Tue, 7/8    Dodgers    TBD                  
Wed, 7/9    Dodgers    TBD                  
Thu, 7/10    at Royals    TBD                  
Fri, 7/11    at Royals    TBD                  
Sat, 7/12    at Royals    TBD                  
Sun, 7/13    at Royals    TBD                  
Fri, 7/18    Indians    TBD                  
Sat, 7/19    Indians    TBD                  
Sun, 7/20    Indians    TBD                  
Mon, 7/21    at D-backs    9:40p              
Tue, 7/22    at D-backs    9:40p                  
Wed, 7/23    at D-backs    3:40p                  
Thu, 7/24    at Angels    TBD                  
Fri, 7/25    at Angels    TBD                  
Sat, 7/26    at Angels    TBD                  
Sun, 7/27    at Angels    TBD                  
Tue, 7/29    White Sox    TBD                  
Wed, 7/30    White Sox    TBD                  
Thu, 7/31    White Sox    TBD                  
Fri, 8/1    Rockies    TBD                  
Sat, 8/2    Rockies    TBD                  
Sun, 8/3    Rockies    TBD                  
Mon, 8/4    at Yankees    7:05p                  
Tue, 8/5    at Yankees    7:05p                  
Wed, 8/6    at Yankees    7:05p                  
Thu, 8/7    at Yankees    1:05p                  
Fri, 8/8    at Blue Jays    7:07p                  
Sat, 8/9    at Blue Jays    1:07p                  
Sun, 8/10    at Blue Jays    1:07p                  
Mon, 8/11    at Pirates    7:05p                  
Tue, 8/12    at Pirates    7:05p                  
Wed, 8/13    Pirates    TBD                  
Thu, 8/14    Pirates    TBD                  
Fri, 8/15    Mariners    TBD                  
Sat, 8/16    Mariners    TBD                  
Sun, 8/17    Mariners    TBD                  
Tue, 8/19    at Rays    TBD                  
Wed, 8/20    at Rays    TBD                  
Thu, 8/21    at Rays    TBD             
Fri, 8/22    at Twins    8:10p                  
Sat, 8/23    at Twins    TBD                  
Sun, 8/24    at Twins    2:10p                  
Tue, 8/26    Yankees    TBD                  
Wed, 8/27    Yankees    TBD                  
Thu, 8/28    Yankees    TBD                  
Fri, 8/29    at White Sox    TBD                  
Sat, 8/30    at White Sox    TBD    
Mon, 9/1    at Indians    TBD                  
Tue, 9/2    at Indians    TBD                  
Wed, 9/3    at Indians    TBD                  
Thu, 9/4    at Indians    TBD                  
Fri, 9/5    Giants    TBD                  
Sat, 9/6    Giants    TBD                  
Sun, 9/7    Giants    TBD                  
Mon, 9/8    Royals    TBD                  
Tue, 9/9    Royals    TBD                  
Wed, 9/10    Royals    TBD                  
Fri, 9/12    Indians    TBD                  
Sat, 9/13    Indians    TBD                  
Sun, 9/14    Indians    TBD                  
Mon, 9/15    at Twins    8:10p                  
Tue, 9/16    at Twins    8:10p                  
Wed, 9/17    at Twins    8:10p                  
Fri, 9/19    at Royals    TBD                  
Sat, 9/20    at Royals    TBD                  
Sun, 9/21    at Royals    TBD                  
Mon, 9/22    White Sox    TBD                  
Tue, 9/23    White Sox    TBD                  
Wed, 9/24    White Sox    TBD                  
Thu, 9/25    Twins    TBD                  
Fri, 9/26    Twins    TBD             
Sat, 9/27    Twins    TBD              
Sun, 9/28    Twins    TBD    

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