Ticket Monster Announces 2014 LA Dodgers Schedule, Attendance, and Tickets at Dodger Stadium

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2014 Los Angeles Dodgers Schedule, Attendance, and Tickets at Dodger Stadium

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The Los Angeles Dodgers ran the National League West Division in 2013, finishing first with 92 wins, and are coming back for more in 2014. The Dodgers made it all the way to the NLCS, but could not come out on top against the mighty St. Louis Cardinals.

In a dramatic fashion, it was recently announced that the team’s manager Don Mattingly will be returning to the dugout with his three year extension. General manager Ned Colletti of the Dodgers believes Mattingly has done a great job in his time with the team, and has made some historical changes. The Dodgers are excited for their manager’s return as they look forward to the 2014 season and winning the Pennant. The last time Los Angeles won a world series was back in 1988, and they are long overdue. For Dodgers fans looking for tickets in 2014, read the following and visit Ticket Monster for the greatest deals in sports.

Table of Contents:
1.    LA Dodgers Tickets
2.    Dodger Stadium Attendance
3.    LA Dodgers Schedule

1. LA Dodgers Tickets

Due to the team’s great success last season, ticket prices to attend a Los Angeles Dodgers game will rise in 2014. This will be the first increase in prices for the team in two years, for many sections at Dodgers Stadium. While more than half the seats prices will increase by about $3, some front row seats will be increasing by $20 to $30 a game. The Dodgers had an outstanding season last year with record numbers in attendance, and in order to keep producing the best team on the field they can, some prices are going to have to rise.

For those interested in purchasing Dodgers tickets for the 2014 season, there will also be less expensive tickets available, at about $20 a game. There will even be some season tickets available on the lighter side of the dollar. Dodger Stadium makes coming to a game feasible for all who want to attend. Not only did the Dodgers lead the MLB in attendance at Dodger Stadium, but they also led the league in road attendance with an average number of 35,622. Those are some dedicated fans, and you can be one of them by using http://www.Ticketmonster.com!

2. Dodgers Stadium Attendance

Although the Dodgers led the MLB last season in attendance at Dodger Stadium with 3,743,527 fans, improvements to the ballpark are still being made. Expansions and upgrades of the stadium began last winter, and will continue until it is perfect. There will be an expansion of field level entrances to the park, more seating and lounging areas, new food services, continual upgrade on the stadium’s electrical infrastructure, and further enhancement of the park’s landscaping.

3. LA Dodgers Schedule

Sat, 3/22    at D-backs    TBD                  
Sun, 3/23    at D-backs    TBD                  
Mon, 3/31    at Padres    TBD                  
Tue, 4/1    at Padres    TBD                  
Wed, 4/2    at Padres    TBD                  
Fri, 4/4    Giants    1:10p                  
Sat, 4/5    Giants    6:10p                  
Sun, 4/6    Giants    TBD                  
Tue, 4/8    Tigers    7:10p                  
Wed, 4/9    Tigers    7:10p                  
Fri, 4/11    at D-backs    6:40p                  
Sat, 4/12    at D-backs    5:10p                  
Sun, 4/13    at D-backs    1:10p                  
Tue, 4/15    at Giants    7:15p                  
Wed, 4/16    at Giants    7:15p                  
Thu, 4/17    at Giants    12:45p              
Fri, 4/18    D-backs    7:10p                  
Sat, 4/19    D-backs    6:10p                  
Sun, 4/20    D-backs    TBD                  
Mon, 4/21    Phillies    7:10p                  
Tue, 4/22    Phillies    7:10p                  
Wed, 4/23    Phillies    7:10p                  
Thu, 4/24    Phillies    7:10p                  
Fri, 4/25    Rockies    7:10p                  
Sat, 4/26    Rockies    6:10p                  
Sun, 4/27    Rockies    TBD                  
Tue, 4/29    at Twins    5:10p                  
Wed, 4/30    at Twins    5:10p                  
Thu, 5/1    at Twins    10:10a                  
Fri, 5/2    at Marlins    4:10p                  
Sat, 5/3    at Marlins    4:10p                  
Sun, 5/4    at Marlins    10:10a                  
Mon, 5/5    at Nationals    4:05p                  
Tue, 5/6    at Nationals    4:05p                  
Wed, 5/7    at Nationals    10:05a                  
Thu, 5/8    Giants    7:10p                  
Fri, 5/9    Giants    7:10p                  
Sat, 5/10    Giants    6:10p                  
Sun, 5/11    Giants    TBD                  
Mon, 5/12    Marlins    7:10p                  
Tue, 5/13    Marlins    7:10p                  
Wed, 5/14    Marlins    7:10p              
Fri, 5/16    at D-backs    6:40p                  
Sat, 5/17    at D-backs    5:10p                  
Sun, 5/18    at D-backs    1:10p                  
Tue, 5/20    at Mets    4:10p                  
Wed, 5/21    at Mets    4:10p             
Thu, 5/22    at Mets    4:10p                  
Fri, 5/23    at Phillies    4:05p             
Sat, 5/24    at Phillies    12:05p                  
Sun, 5/25    at Phillies    10:35a                  
Mon, 5/26    Reds    5:10p                  
Tue, 5/27    Reds    7:10p                  
Wed, 5/28    Reds    7:10p                  
Thu, 5/29    Pirates    7:10p                  
Fri, 5/30    Pirates    7:10p                  
Sat, 5/31    Pirates    4:15p              
Sun, 6/1    Pirates    TBD             
Mon, 6/2    White Sox    7:10p                  
Tue, 6/3    White Sox    7:10p                  
Wed, 6/4    White Sox    7:10p                  
Fri, 6/6    at Rockies    5:40p                  
Sat, 6/7    at Rockies    TBD                  
Sun, 6/8    at Rockies    1:10p                  
Mon, 6/9    at Reds    TBD                  
Tue, 6/10    at Reds    TBD                  
Wed, 6/11    at Reds    TBD                  
Thu, 6/12    at Reds    TBD              
Fri, 6/13    D-backs    7:10p                  
Sat, 6/14    D-backs    7:10p                  
Sun, 6/15    D-backs    TBD                  
Mon, 6/16    Rockies    7:10p                  
Tue, 6/17    Rockies    7:10p                  
Wed, 6/18    Rockies    7:10p                  
Fri, 6/20    at Padres    TBD              
Sat, 6/21    at Padres    TBD              
Sun, 6/22    at Padres    TBD                  
Mon, 6/23    at Royals    TBD                  
Tue, 6/24    at Royals    TBD                  
Wed, 6/25    at Royals    TBD                  
Thu, 6/26    Cardinals    7:10p                  
Fri, 6/27    Cardinals    7:10p                  
Sat, 6/28    Cardinals    4:15p                  
Sun, 6/29    Cardinals    TBD                  
Mon, 6/30    Indians    7:10p                  
Tue, 7/1    Indians    7:10p                  
Wed, 7/2    Indians    TBD                  
Thu, 7/3    at Rockies    5:10p              
Fri, 7/4    at Rockies    5:10p             
Sat, 7/5    at Rockies    TBD                  
Sun, 7/6    at Rockies    1:10p                  
Tue, 7/8    at Tigers    TBD                  
Wed, 7/9    at Tigers    TBD                  
Thu, 7/10    Padres    7:10p    MLB.TV              
Fri, 7/11    Padres    7:10p    MLB.TV              
Sat, 7/12    Padres    7:10p    MLB.TV              
Sun, 7/13    Padres    TBD    MLB.TV              
Fri, 7/18    at Cardinals    5:15p                  
Sat, 7/19    at Cardinals    4:15p    
Sun, 7/20    at Cardinals    11:15a    
Mon, 7/21    at Pirates    4:05p    
Tue, 7/22    at Pirates    4:05p    
Wed, 7/23    at Pirates    4:05p
Fri, 7/25    at Giants    7:15p             
Sat, 7/26    at Giants    TBD                  
Sun, 7/27    at Giants    1:05p                  
Tue, 7/29    Braves    7:10p                  
Wed, 7/30    Braves    7:10p                  
Thu, 7/31    Braves    7:10p                  
Fri, 8/1    Cubs    7:10p                  
Sat, 8/2    Cubs    6:10p                  
Sun, 8/3    Cubs    TBD                  
Mon, 8/4    Angels    7:10p                  
Tue, 8/5    Angels    7:10p                  
Wed, 8/6    at Angels    TBD    
Thu, 8/7    at Angels    TBD                  
Fri, 8/8    at Brewers    5:10p              
Sat, 8/9    at Brewers    4:10p                  
Sun, 8/10    at Brewers    11:10a                  
Mon, 8/11    at Braves    TBD                  
Tue, 8/12    at Braves    TBD             
Wed, 8/13    at Braves    TBD                  
Thu, 8/14    at Braves    TBD              
Fri, 8/15    Brewers    7:10p                  
Sat, 8/16    Brewers    6:10p                  
Sun, 8/17    Brewers    TBD                  
Tue, 8/19    Padres    7:10p                  
Wed, 8/20    Padres    7:10p                  
Thu, 8/21    Padres    7:10p                  
Fri, 8/22    Mets    7:10p                  
Sat, 8/23    Mets    6:10p                  
Sun, 8/24    Mets    TBD                  
Tue, 8/26    at D-backs    6:40p                  
Wed, 8/27    at D-backs    6:40p                  
Fri, 8/29    at Padres    TBD                  
Sat, 8/30    at Padres    TBD                  
Sun, 8/31    at Padres    TBD                  
Mon, 9/1    Nationals    5:10p                  
Tue, 9/2    Nationals    7:10p                  
Wed, 9/3    Nationals    TBD                  
Fri, 9/5    D-backs    7:10p                  
Sat, 9/6    D-backs    6:10p                  
Sun, 9/7    D-backs    TBD                  
Mon, 9/8    Padres    7:10p                  
Tue, 9/9    Padres    7:10p                  
Wed, 9/10    Padres    7:10p                  
Fri, 9/12    at Giants    7:15p                  
Sat, 9/13    at Giants    TBD                  
Sun, 9/14    at Giants    1:05p                  
Mon, 9/15    at Rockies    5:40p                  
Tue, 9/16    at Rockies    5:40p                  
Wed, 9/17    at Rockies    12:10p              
Thu, 9/18    at Cubs    5:05p             
Fri, 9/19    at Cubs    11:20a             
Sat, 9/20    at Cubs    1:05p                  
Sun, 9/21    at Cubs    TBD                  
Mon, 9/22    Giants    7:10p                  
Tue, 9/23    Giants    7:10p              
Wed, 9/24    Giants    7:10p                  
Fri, 9/26    Rockies    7:10p                  
Sat, 9/27    Rockies    6:10p                  
Sun, 9/28    Rockies    1:10p    

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