Ticket Monster Announces Los Angeles Angels 2014 Season Schedule and Tickets at Angel Stadium of Anaheim

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Ticket Monster Provides 2014 Season Schedule and Tickets for the Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels 2014 Schedule

Los Angeles Angels 2014 Schedule

Los Angeles Angels tickets are available at Ticket Monster for the 2014 MLB season!

The Los Angeles Angels has a down year in 2013; especially when it comes to their standards. Over the last decade the Angels have finished first or second in the AL West many times. That did not happen in 2013. The Angels finished under .500 with a record of 78-84. Both the Texas Rangers and the Oakland Athletics finished ahead of the Angels in the AL West. Manager Mike Scioscia hopes to improve that in 2014 MLB season.

The Angels are located in Los Angeles which is home to the Dodgers and many other entertainment venues. The millions of people that live in the city of Angels have a large number of options. This is the exact reason the Angels must put a good product on the field if they hope to bring fans to the game.

Table of Contents

1. Los Angeles Angels Tickets
2. Angel Stadium in Anaheim Attendance
3. 2014 Los Angeles Angels Season Schedule

1. Los Angeles Angels Tickets

Angel Stadium in Anaheim is a unique experience but the organization has been put in a tough situation. As mentioned earlier, the Dodgers are a bigger pull in Los Angeles and the Angels are actually located just outside the city. To make matters even worse, traffic in Los Angeles in terrible. In fact, Los Angeles currently has 7 of the 10 most congested roads in America. Fans aren't going to hop on over to Angles Stadium because it is easy.

For those looking for different ticketing options at Angel Stadium it is a good idea to check out the tickets available at Ticket Monster. There are many different angles and views that are available from seats in the ballpark. The price of a ticket is not going to be all that expensive because the Angels are coming off a year in which they did not make the playoffs. A team that is under .500 usually does not have a high attendance. That said, the Angels were 4th in the American League in attendance last year but that could drop with another lackluster year.

2. Angel Stadium in Anaheim Attendance

The current capacity of Angel Stadium is 45,483. Interestingly enough, this is actually down from many years ago. In the late 1970's the stadium could hold upwards of 70,000 people for a football game and around 65,000 people for a baseball game. The organization was smart to realize the stadium was too big and tickets were not selling. The reduced the capacity and now the Angels are in the top five in ticket sales in the American League.

When visiting Angel Stadium in Anaheim make sure to do your research ahead of time. As mentioned, the traffic in the Los Angeles are can be very bad and the parking at any baseball stadium can get expensive. The closer you park the more money you are going to pay. Do not be surprised to see pay parking as high as $20 to $30 around the stadium.

3. 2014 Los Angeles Angels Season Schedule

3/31    vs. SEA    10:00 PM ET    ESPN 2


4/01    vs. SEA    TBA    
4/02    vs. SEA    TBA    
4/04    at HOU    TBA    
4/05    at HOU    TBA    
4/06    at HOU    TBA    
4/07    at HOU    TBA    
4/08    at SEA    10:10 PM ET    
4/09    at SEA    TBA    
4/11    vs. NYM    TBA    
4/12    vs. NYM    TBA    
4/13    vs. NYM    TBA    
4/14    vs. OAK    TBA    
4/15    vs. OAK    TBA    
4/16    vs. OAK    TBA    
4/18    at DET    7:08 PM ET    
4/19    at DET    1:08 PM ET    
4/20    at DET    1:08 PM ET    
4/21    at WAS    7:05 PM ET    
4/22    at WAS    7:05 PM ET    
4/23    at WAS    7:05 PM ET    
4/25    at NYY    7:05 PM ET    
4/26    at NYY    TBA    
4/27    at NYY    TBA    
4/28    vs. CLE    TBA    
4/29    vs. CLE    TBA    
4/30    vs. CLE    TBA    


5/02    vs. TEX    TBA    
5/03    vs. TEX    TBA    
5/04    vs. TEX    TBA    
5/05    vs. NYY    TBA    
5/06    vs. NYY    TBA    
5/07    vs. NYY    TBA    
5/09    at TOR    7:07 PM ET    
5/10    at TOR    1:07 PM ET    
5/11    at TOR    1:07 PM ET    
5/12    at TOR    7:07 PM ET    
5/13    at PHI    7:05 PM ET    
5/14    at PHI    1:05 PM ET    
5/15    vs. TAM    TBA    
5/16    vs. TAM    TBA    
5/17    vs. TAM    TBA    
5/18    vs. TAM    TBA    
5/19    vs. HOU    TBA    
5/20    vs. HOU    TBA    
5/21    vs. HOU    TBA    
5/23    vs. KAN    TBA    
5/24    vs. KAN    TBA    
5/25    vs. KAN    TBA    
5/26    at SEA    4:10 PM ET    
5/27    at SEA    10:10 PM ET    
5/28    at SEA    10:10 PM ET    
5/29    at SEA    10:10 PM ET    
5/30    at OAK    10:05 PM ET    
5/31    at OAK    10:05 PM ET    


6/01    at OAK    4:05 PM ET    
6/03    at HOU    TBA    
6/04    at HOU    TBA    
6/05    at HOU    TBA    
6/06    vs. CWS    TBA    
6/07    vs. CWS    TBA    
6/08    vs. CWS    TBA    
6/09    vs. OAK    TBA    
6/10    vs. OAK    TBA    
6/11    vs. OAK    TBA    
6/13    at ATL    TBA    
6/14    at ATL    TBA    
6/15    at ATL    TBA    
6/16    at CLE    TBA    
6/17    at CLE    TBA    
6/18    at CLE    TBA    
6/19    at CLE    TBA    
6/20    vs. TEX    TBA    
6/21    vs. TEX    TBA    
6/22    vs. TEX    TBA    
6/23    vs. MIN    TBA    
6/24    vs. MIN    TBA    
6/25    vs. MIN    TBA    
6/27    at KAN    TBA    
6/28    at KAN    TBA    
6/29    at KAN    TBA    
6/30    at CWS    TBA    


7/01    at CWS    TBA    
7/02    at CWS    TBA    
7/03    vs. HOU    TBA    
7/04    vs. HOU    TBA    
7/05    vs. HOU    TBA    
7/06    vs. HOU    TBA    
7/07    vs. TOR    TBA    
7/08    vs. TOR    TBA    
7/09    vs. TOR    TBA    
7/10    at TEX    8:05 PM ET    
7/11    at TEX    8:05 PM ET    
7/12    at TEX    7:15 PM ET    
7/13    at TEX    3:05 PM ET    
7/18    vs. SEA    TBA    
7/19    vs. SEA    TBA    
7/20    vs. SEA    TBA    
7/21    vs. BAL    TBA    
7/22    vs. BAL    TBA    
7/23    vs. BAL    TBA    
7/24    vs. DET    TBA    
7/25    vs. DET    TBA    
7/26    vs. DET    TBA    
7/27    vs. DET    TBA    
7/29    at BAL    7:05 PM ET    
7/30    at BAL    7:05 PM ET    
7/31    at BAL    7:05 PM ET    


8/01    at TAM    TBA    
8/02    at TAM    TBA    
8/03    at TAM    TBA    
8/04    at LOS    10:10 PM ET    
8/05    at LOS    10:10 PM ET    
8/06    vs. LOS    TBA    
8/07    vs. LOS    TBA    
8/08    vs. BOS    TBA    
8/09    vs. BOS    TBA    
8/10    vs. BOS    TBA    
8/12    vs. PHI    TBA    
8/13    vs. PHI    TBA    
8/15    at TEX    8:05 PM ET    
8/16    at TEX    8:05 PM ET    
8/17    at TEX    3:05 PM ET    
8/18    at BOS    7:10 PM ET    
8/19    at BOS    7:10 PM ET    
8/20    at BOS    7:10 PM ET    
8/21    at BOS    7:10 PM ET    
8/22    at OAK    10:05 PM ET    
8/23    at OAK    9:05 PM ET    
8/24    at OAK    4:05 PM ET    
8/25    vs. MIA    TBA    
8/26    vs. MIA    TBA    
8/27    vs. MIA    TBA    
8/28    vs. OAK    TBA    
8/29    vs. OAK    TBA    
8/30    vs. OAK    TBA    
8/31    vs. OAK    TBA    


9/02    at HOU    TBA    
9/03    at HOU    TBA    
9/04    at MIN    8:10 PM ET    
9/05    at MIN    8:10 PM ET    
9/06    at MIN    TBA    
9/07    at MIN    2:10 PM ET    
9/09    at TEX    8:05 PM ET    
9/10    at TEX    8:05 PM ET    
9/11    at TEX    8:05 PM ET    
9/12    vs. HOU    TBA    
9/13    vs. HOU    TBA    
9/14    vs. HOU    TBA    
9/15    vs. SEA    TBA    
9/16    vs. SEA    TBA    
9/17    vs. SEA    TBA    
9/18    vs. SEA    TBA    
9/19    vs. TEX    TBA    
9/20    vs. TEX    TBA    
9/21    vs. TEX    TBA    
9/22    at OAK    10:05 PM ET    
9/23    at OAK    10:05 PM ET    
9/24    at OAK    3:35 PM ET    
9/26    at SEA    10:10 PM ET    
9/27    at SEA    TBA    
9/28    at SEA    4:10 PM ET

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