Ticket Monster Announces 2014 Nationals Schedule, Attendance, and Tickets at Nationals Park

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2014 Washington Nationals Schedule, Attendance and Tickets at Nationals Park

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The Washington Nationals had a decent season in 2013, ending up in second place in the East division of the National League. The team, based in Washington, DC, ended up with 86 wins and was well over .500, but could not pass the mighty Atlanta Braves.

The Nationals did not have the exact season they wanted, as they had won their division the year before. As the new year has arrived, the Nationals, as well as all other MLB teams, have the opportunity to start fresh and make the best of 2014. The team has been making necessary adjustments, signing new players and making new deals, and will begin their spring training on March 1st against their division foes the Braves. This could be a great opportunity to check out the team before the regular season begins, and a chance to see the team as they prepare to take over in 2014. For those interested in this opportunity, as well as purchasing 2014 Nationals tickets for the regular season, visit http://www.Ticketmonster.com.

Table of Contents:
1.    Washington Nationals Tickets
2.    Nationals Park Attendance
3.    Washington Nationals Schedule

1. Washington Nationals Tickets

Washington Nationals tickets did rise in 2013, after having a very successful 2012 campaign. It is great when a team does well, but fans must pay the price as ticket deals will almost always increase. Many fans that bought season tickets had the opportunity to lock in their 2012 prices, meaning this year they will be paying more. Individual ticket prices for a game at Nationals Park range from as low as $5 to about $325. However, those $5 tickets are only available at the ball park on the day of the game.

From 2012 to 2013, the largest ticket increases were on the upper right field terrace, rising from 20%-40%. Most other areas of the park’s ticket prices raised by only $2 per ticket. In comparison to what other ball park’s have raised their ticket prices by every year, the Nationals kept their increases relatively small. And in comparison to other Washington DC teams, the Nationals are still ranked as one of the most affordable. Speaking of affordable, throughout the 2014 season there will be many opportunities for deals and discounts on Nationals tickets. The Nationals offer a variety of deals for college students, families, and military service men and senior citizens. There will also be many promotional giveaway days, such as deals on opening day, $1 hot dog days, Pups in the Park, Bobble head day, and multiple opportunities for children.

2. Nationals Park Attendance

Nationals Park is located along the Anacostia River in the Navy Yard of Washington DC. The stadium features 41,418 seats, as well as 79 suites on three levels. One of its main features is the Red Porch, a full service sit down restaurant and bar that is located in center field. It is a great place for fans to grab a bite or drink, and still be able to enjoy the game. In 2013, the Nationals Park ranked 11th best in the MLB in attendance with 2,652,422. This past year the team ranked better in attendance than the year before, which was one of the team’s best years in franchise history. That year they came in 14th place with 2,370,794 fans. To be one of the many that attends the ballpark in 2014, visit Ticket Monster for the best deals in Nationals tickets on the web.

3. Washington Nationals 2014 Schedule

Mon    Mar 31    @Mets    1:10 PM    
Wed    Apr 2            @Mets    7:10 PM
Thu    Apr 3            @Mets    1:10 PM
Fri    Apr 4        Braves    1:05 PM    
Sat    Apr 5            Braves    TBA    
Sun    Apr 6            Braves    TBA    
Tue    Apr 8            Marlins    7:05 PM
Wed    Apr 9            Marlins    7:05 PM    
Thu    Apr 10    Marlins    4:05 PM    
Fri    Apr 11    @Braves    TBA    
Sat    Apr 12    @Braves    TBA    
Sun    Apr 13    @Braves    TBA    
Mon    Apr 14    @Marlins    7:10 PM    
Tue    Apr 15    @Marlins    7:10 PM    
Wed    Apr 16    @Marlins    7:10 PM    
Thu    Apr 17    Cardinals    7:05 PM    
Fri    Apr 18    Cardinals    7:05 PM    
Sat    Apr 19    Cardinals    TBA    
Sun    Apr 20    Cardinals    TBA    
Mon    Apr 21    Angels    7:05 PM    
Tue    Apr 22    Angels    7:05 PM    
Wed    Apr 23    Angels    7:05 PM    
Thu    Apr 24    Padres    7:05 PM    
Fri    Apr 25    Padres    7:05 PM    
Sat    Apr 26    Padres    TBA    
Sun    Apr 27    Padres    TBA    
Tue    Apr 29    @Astros    TBA    
Wed    Apr 30    @Astros    TBA    
Fri    May 2    @Phillies    7:05 PM    
Sat    May 3    @Phillies    7:05 PM    
Sun    May 4    @Phillies    TBA    
Mon    May 5    Dodgers    7:05 PM    
Tue    May 6    Dodgers    7:05 PM    
Wed    May 7    Dodgers    1:05 PM    
Fri    May 9    @Athletics    10:05 PM    
Sat    May 10    @Athletics    9:05 PM    
Sun    May 11    @Athletics    4:05 PM    
Mon    May 12    @Diamondbacks    9:40 PM    
Tue    May 13    @Diamondbacks    9:40 PM    
Wed    May 14    @Diamondbacks    3:40 PM    
Fri    May 16    Mets    7:05 PM    
Sat    May 17    Mets    TBA    
Sun    May 18    Mets    TBA    
Mon    May 19    Reds    7:05 PM    
Tue    May 20    Reds    7:05 PM    
Wed    May 21    Reds    4:05 PM    
Thu    May 22    @Pirates    7:05 PM    
Fri    May 23    @Pirates    7:05 PM    
Sat    May 24    @Pirates    4:05 PM    
Sun    May 25    @Pirates    1:35 PM    
Mon    May 26    Marlins    1:35 PM    
Tue    May 27    Marlins    7:05 PM    
Wed    May 28    Marlins    7:05 PM    
Fri    May 30    Rangers    7:05 PM    
Sat    May 31    Rangers    TBA    
Sun    Jun 1    Rangers    TBA    
Tue    Jun 3    Phillies    7:05 PM        
Wed    Jun 4    Phillies    7:05 PM    
Thu    Jun 5    Phillies    4:05 PM    
Fri    Jun 6    @Padres    TBA    
Sat    Jun 7    @Padres    TBA    
Sun    Jun 8    @Padres    TBA    
Mon    Jun 9    @Giants    10:15 PM    
Tue    Jun 10    @Giants    10:15 PM    
Wed    Jun 11    @Giants    10:15 PM    
Thu    Jun 12    @Giants    3:45 PM    
Fri    Jun 13    @Cardinals    8:15 PM    
Sat    Jun 14    @Cardinals    TBA    
Sun    Jun 15    @Cardinals    2:15 PM    
Tue    Jun 17    Astros    7:05 PM    
Wed    Jun 18    Astros    7:05 PM    
Thu    Jun 19    Braves    7:05 PM    
Fri    Jun 20    Braves    7:05 PM    
Sat    Jun 21    Braves    TBA
Sun    Jun 22    Braves    TBA    
Mon    Jun 23    @Brewers    8:10 PM    
Tue    Jun 24    @Brewers    8:10 PM    
Wed    Jun 25    @Brewers    2:10 PM    
Thu    Jun 26    @Cubs    8:05 PM    
Fri    Jun 27    @Cubs    4:05 PM    
Sat    Jun 28    @Cubs    4:05 PM    
Sun    Jun 29    @Cubs    TBA    
Mon    Jun 30    Rockies    7:05 PM        
Tue    Jul 1    Rockies    7:05 PM    
Wed    Jul 2    Rockies    6:05 PM    
Fri    Jul 4    Cubs    11:05 AM    
Sat    Jul 5    Cubs    TBA    
Sun    Jul 6    Cubs    TBA    
Mon    Jul 7    Orioles    7:05 PM    
Tue    Jul 8    Orioles    7:05 PM    
Wed    Jul 9    @Orioles    7:05 PM    
Thu    Jul 10    @Orioles    7:05 PM    
Fri    Jul 11    @Phillies    7:05 PM    
Sat    Jul 12    @Phillies    7:15 PM    
Sun    Jul 13    @Phillies    1:35 PM    
Fri    Jul 18    Brewers    7:05 PM    
Sat    Jul 19    Brewers    TBA    
Sun    Jul 20    Brewers    TBA    
Mon    Jul 21    @Rockies    8:40 PM    
Tue    Jul 22    @Rockies    8:40 PM    
Wed    Jul 23    @Rockies    3:10 PM    
Fri    Jul 25    @Reds    TBA    
Sat    Jul 26    @Reds    TBA    
Sun    Jul 27    @Reds    TBA    
Mon    Jul 28    @Marlins    7:10 PM    
Tue    Jul 29    @Marlins    7:10 PM    
Wed    Jul 30    @Marlins    12:40 PM    
Thu    Jul 31    Phillies    7:05 PM    
Fri    Aug 1    Phillies    7:05 PM    
Sat    Aug 2    Phillies    TBA    
Sun    Aug 3    Phillies    TBA    
Tue    Aug 5    Mets    7:05 PM    
Wed    Aug 6    Mets    7:05 PM    
Thu    Aug 7    Mets    12:35 PM    
Fri    Aug 8    @Braves    TBA    
Sat    Aug 9    @Braves    TBA    
Sun    Aug 10    @Braves    TBA    
Tue    Aug 12    @Mets    7:10 PM    
Wed    Aug 13    @Mets    7:10 PM    
Thu    Aug 14    @Mets    7:10 PM        
Fri    Aug 15    Pirates    7:05 PM    
Sat    Aug 16    Pirates    TBA    
Sun    Aug 17    Pirates    TBA    
Mon    Aug 18    Diamondbacks    7:05 PM    
Tue    Aug 19    Diamondbacks    7:05 PM    
Wed    Aug 20    Diamondbacks    7:05 PM    
Thu    Aug 21    Diamondbacks    4:05 PM    
Fri    Aug 22    Giants    7:05 PM    
Sat    Aug 23    Giants    TBA    
Sun    Aug 24    Giants    TBA    
Mon    Aug 25    @Phillies    7:05 PM    
Tue    Aug 26    @Phillies    7:05 PM    
Wed    Aug 27    @Phillies    7:05 PM    
Fri    Aug 29    @Mariners    10:10 PM    
Sat    Aug 30    @Mariners    TBA    
Sun    Aug 31    @Mariners    4:10 PM    
Mon    Sept 1    @Dodgers    8:10 PM    
Tue    Sept 2    @Dodgers    10:10 PM    
Wed    Sept 3    @Dodgers    TBA    
Fri    Sept 5    Phillies    7:05 PM    
Sat    Sept 6    Phillies    TBA    
Sun    Sept 7    Phillies    TBA    
Mon    Sept 8    Braves    7:05 PM    
Tue    Sept 9    Braves    7:05 PM    
Wed    Sept 10    Braves    4:05 PM    
Thu    Sept 11    @Mets    7:10 PM    
Fri    Sept 12    @Mets    7:10 PM    
Sat    Sept 13    @Mets    7:10 PM    
Sun    Sept 14    @Mets    1:10 PM    
Mon    Sept 15    @Braves    TBA    
Tue    Sept 16    @Braves    TBA    
Wed    Sept 17    @Braves    TBA    
Thu    Sept 18    @Marlins    7:10 PM    
Fri    Sept 19    @Marlins    7:10 PM    
Sat    Sept 20    @Marlins    7:10 PM    
Sun    Sept 21    @Marlins    1:10 PM    
Tue    Sept 23    Mets    7:05 PM    
Wed    Sept 24    Mets    7:05 PM    
Thu    Sept 25    Mets    7:05 PM    
Fri    Sept 26    Marlins    7:05 PM    
Sat    Sept 27    Marlins    TBA    
Sun    Sept 28    Marlins    TBA

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