Ticket Monster Announces 2014 SF Giants Schedule, Parking, and Tickets at AT&T Park

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2014 San Francisco Giants Schedule, Parking and Tickets at AT&T Park

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Ticket Monster has the best prices for 2014 San Francisco Giants Tickets, along with an updated 2014 Schedule and Seating Chart!

SF Giants Tickets at AT&T park

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series in last year’s 2012 season, but unfortunately did not repeat their title in 2013. Although they did not win the pennant this year, the SF Giants still have more wins than any other MLB team. The team has appeared in 19 World Series, and has come away with victories in 7 of them. The Giants will be coming back strong in 2014 with the drive and motivation to win yet another championship. Check out Ticket Monster to purchase 2014 San Francisco Giants tickets.

Table of Contents:
1.    SF Giants Tickets
2.    AT&T Park Attendance
3.    San Francisco Giants Schedule

1. SF Giants Tickets

The first 2014 SF Giants Spring training home game will be on February 26th against the Oakland A’s. there will be 16 spring training home games that will stretch out until March 26th, when they face the Colorado Rockies. Tickets go on sale on January 9th, and can be bought for a less expensive fee if bought in a bundle. Those looking for individual tickets can find them at Ticket Monster, although be prepared for fluctuating prices. San Francisco Giants baseball fans should buy their spring training and regular season tickets fast and early at Ticket Monster! Fans who don’t know exactly where to sit or have never been to AT&T Park before can use the regular or 3D seating chart on the Ticket Monster website.

2. AT&T Park Attendance

AT&T Ballpark is home to the San Francisco Giants of the MLB. For those who have never attended a game at AT&T, the park is a beautiful stadium that overlooks McCovey Cove. On game days, fans can sit in the water of the Cove in boats or kayaks and collect home run balls, an unbelievable experience that can never be forgotten! AT&T Park can host 41,915 fans, a number that has exponentially grown over the past 14 years. Although World Series champions in 2012, the team’s attendance at AT&T Park was actually a higher ranked team in 2013 in the MLB. The park achieved a higher number of fans in 2012, with 3,377,371, and was ranked 4th highest in the league. In 2013, the stadium held 3,326,796 fans, but was ranked 3rd highest in the league.

Seating Area, Section, Rows, Avg. Game Cost, Season Cost
Dugout Club, 112,113,115,117,119    , Rows AAA-DDD, $142,     $12,500
Premium Field Club, 107-124, Rows A-E, $120, $10,500
Field Club, 107-124, Rows F-R, $96, $8,500
Premium Lower Box, 105-126, Rows 1-30, $57, $4,725
Lower Box, 101-130, Rows not included above, $45,     $3,725
Club Infield, 207-225, All Rows, $72, $6,700
Club Left Field, 232-234, All Rows, $36, $3,100
Club Outfield, 202-205, 226-231, All Rows,     $57, $5,100
View Box, 303-330, Rows A-E, $31, $2,550

3. San Francisco Giants Schedule

Mon, 3/31 at D-backs 6:40p                  
Tue, 4/1    at D-backs 6:40p                  
Wed, 4/2 at D-backs 6:40p                  
Thu, 4/3    at D-backs 12:40p                  
Fri, 4/4    at Dodgers 1:10p                  
Sat, 4/5    at Dodgers 6:10p                  
Sun, 4/6    at Dodgers TBD                  
Tue, 4/8    D-backs    1:35p                  
Wed, 4/9 D-backs 7:15p                  
Thu, 4/10 D-backs 7:15p                  
Fri, 4/11    Rockies    7:15p                  
Sat, 4/12 Rockies TBD                  
Sun, 4/13 Rockies 1:05p                  
Tue, 4/15 Dodgers 7:15p                  
Wed, 4/16 Dodgers 7:15p                  
Thu, 4/17 Dodgers 12:45p                  
Fri, 4/18     at Padres TBD                  
Sat, 4/19     at Padres TBD                  
Sun, 4/20 at Padres TBD                  
Mon, 4/21 at Rockies 5:40p                  
Tue, 4/22 at Rockies 5:40p                  
Wed, 4/23 at Rockies 12:10p                  
Fri, 4/25    Indians    7:15p                  
Sat, 4/26 Indians    TBD                  
Sun, 4/27 Indians 1:05p                  
Mon, 4/28 Padres     7:15p                  
Tue, 4/29 Padres 7:15p                  
Wed, 4/30 Padres     7:15p                  
Fri, 5/2    at Braves TBD                  
Sat, 5/3    at Braves TBD                  
Sun, 5/4    at Braves TBD                  
Mon, 5/5 at Pirates 4:05p                  
Tue, 5/6    at Pirates 4:05p                  
Wed, 5/7 at Pirates 9:35a                  
Thu, 5/8    at Dodgers 7:10p                  
Fri, 5/9    at Dodgers 7:10p                  
Sat, 5/10    at Dodgers 6:10p                  
Sun, 5/11 at Dodgers TBD                  
Mon, 5/12 Braves 7:15p                  
Tue, 5/13 Braves    7:15p                  
Wed, 5/14 Braves 12:45p                  
Thu, 5/15 Marlins 7:15p                  
Fri, 5/16     Marlins    7:15p                  
Sat, 5/17     Marlins    TBD                  
Sun, 5/18 Marlins    1:05p                  
Tue, 5/20 at Rockies 5:40p                  
Wed, 5/21 at Rockies 5:40p                  
Thu, 5/22 at Rockies 1:10p                  
Fri, 5/23    Twins 7:15p                  
Sat, 5/24     Twins TBD                  
Sun, 5/25 Twins 1:05p                  
Mon, 5/26 Cubs 1:05p                  
Tue, 5/27 Cubs 7:15p                  
Wed, 5/28 Cubs 12:45p                  
Thu, 5/29 at Cardinals 5:15p                  
Fri, 5/30     at Cardinals 5:15p                  
Sat, 5/31     at Cardinals TBD                  
Sun, 6/1    at Cardinals 11:15a                  
Tue, 6/3    at Reds TBD                  
Wed, 6/4 at Reds    TBD                  
Thu, 6/5    at Reds TBD                  
Fri, 6/6    Mets 7:15p                  
Sat, 6/7    Mets TBD                  
Sun, 6/8    Mets 1:05p                  
Mon, 6/9 Nationals 7:15p                  
Tue, 6/10 Nationals 7:15p                  
Wed, 6/11 Nationals 7:15p                  
Thu, 6/12 Nationals 12:45p                  
Fri, 6/13     Rockies    7:15p                  
Sat, 6/14 Rockies TBD                  
Sun, 6/15 Rockies 1:05p                  
Tue, 6/17 at White Sox TBD                  
Wed, 6/18 at White Sox TBD                  
Fri, 6/20     at D-backs 6:40p                  
Sat, 6/21     at D-backs 7:10p                  
Sun, 6/22 at D-backs 1:10p                  
Mon, 6/23 Padres 7:15p                  
Tue, 6/24 Padres 7:15p                  
Wed, 6/25 Padres 12:45p                  
Thu, 6/26 Reds 7:15p                  
Fri, 6/27     Reds 7:15p                  
Sat, 6/28    Reds TBD                  
Sun, 6/29 Reds 1:05p                  
Tue, 7/1    Cardinals 7:15p                  
Wed, 7/2 Cardinals 7:15p                  
Thu, 7/3    Cardinals 12:45p                  
Fri, 7/4    at Padres TBD                  
Sat, 7/5    at Padres TBD                  
Sun, 7/6    at Padres TBD                  
Mon, 7/7 at Athletics 7:05p                  
Tue, 7/8    at Athletics 7:05p                  
Wed, 7/9 Athletics 7:15p                  
Thu, 7/10 Athletics 12:45p                  
Fri, 7/11     D-backs     7:15p                  
Sat, 7/12     D-backs     TBD                  
Sun, 7/13 D-backs 1:05p                  
Fri, 7/18    at Marlins 4:10p                  
Sat, 7/19    at Marlins 4:10p                  
Sun, 7/20 at Marlins 10:10a                  
Mon, 7/21 at Phillies 4:05p                  
Tue, 7/22 at Phillies 4:05p                  
Wed, 7/23 at Phillies 4:05p                  
Thu, 7/24 at Phillies 10:05a                  
Fri, 7/25     Dodgers 7:15p                  
Sat, 7/26     Dodgers TBD                  
Sun, 7/27 Dodgers 1:05p                  
Mon, 7/28 Pirates     7:15p                  
Tue, 7/29 Pirates 7:15p                  
Wed, 7/30 Pirates 12:45p                  
Fri, 8/1    at Mets    4:10p                  
Sat, 8/2    at Mets    4:10p                  
Sun, 8/3    at Mets    10:10a                  
Mon, 8/4 at Mets    9:10a                  
Tue, 8/5    at Brewers 5:10p                  
Wed, 8/6 at Brewers 5:10p                  
Thu, 8/7    at Brewers 11:10a                  
Fri, 8/8    at Royals TBD                  
Sat, 8/9    at Royals TBD                  
Sun, 8/10 at Royals TBD                  
Tue, 8/12 White Sox 7:15p                  
Wed, 8/13 White Sox 12:45p                  
Fri, 8/15 Phillies 7:15p                  
Sat, 8/16     Phillies TBD                  
Sun, 8/17 Phillies    1:05p                  
Tue, 8/19 at Cubs    5:05p                  
Wed, 8/20 at Cubs 5:05p                  
Thu, 8/21 at Cubs 5:05p                  
Fri, 8/22     at Nationals 4:05p                  
Sat, 8/23     at Nationals TBD                  
Sun, 8/24 at Nationals TBD                  
Mon, 8/25 Rockies 7:15p                  
Tue, 8/26 Rockies 7:15p                  
Wed, 8/27 Rockies 7:15p                  
Thu, 8/28 Rockies 12:45p                  
Fri, 8/29    Brewers    7:15p                  
Sat, 8/30    Brewers    TBD                  
Sun, 8/31    Brewers    1:05p                  
Mon, 9/1    at Rockies    1:10p                  
Tue, 9/2    at Rockies    5:40p                  
Wed, 9/3    at Rockies    12:10p                  
Fri, 9/5    at Tigers    TBD                  
Sat, 9/6    at Tigers    TBD                  
Sun, 9/7    at Tigers    TBD                  
Tue, 9/9    D-backs    7:15p                  
Wed, 9/10    D-backs    7:15p                  
Thu, 9/11    D-backs    12:45p                  
Fri, 9/12    Dodgers    7:15p                  
Sat, 9/13     Dodgers TBD                  
Sun, 9/14 Dodgers 1:05p                  
Mon, 9/15 at D-backs 6:40p                  
Tue, 9/16 at D-backs 6:40p                  
Wed, 9/17 at D-backs 12:40p                  
Fri, 9/19    at Padres TBD                  
Sat, 9/20    at Padres TBD                  
Sun, 9/21 at Padres TBD                  
Mon, 9/22 at Dodgers 7:10p                  
Tue, 9/23 at Dodgers 7:10p                  
Wed, 9/24 at Dodgers 7:10p                  
Thu, 9/25 Padres    7:15p                  
Fri, 9/26    Padres 7:15p                  
Sat, 9/27    Padres TBD                  
Sun, 9/28 Padres    1:05p    

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