Income and Estate Tax Reduction 2014 Special Briefing

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Barry H Spencer, nationally recognized author of The Secret of Wealth With No Regrets, and Scott M Noble, entrepreneurs, authors, financial educators', wealth strategists and researchers launch an informative special briefing for owners of retirement assets who want to seize tax saving opportunities in the new year and increase retirement income.

Barry H Spencer

"Too few wealthy people ask the bigger questions. As the co-founder of a family business who has taken these steps, I can highly recommend Barry Spencer's book." - Rick DeVos, Billionaire Businessman and Owner of NBA Orlando Magic

Barry H Spencer and Scott M Noble two Atlanta entrepreneurs, financial educators and wealth strategists surveyed retirees and future retirees about their retirement plans and preparations. They discovered an overwhelming number of them have unanswered questions about having enough for the future and uncertainties about their tax saving opportunities that allow them to increase their income now and in the future.

Planning for retirement is now the focus of the largest and most influential generation in U.S. history. With one American turning 60 every 7 seconds – that’s more than 12,500 people every day according to the U.S. Census – the Baby Boomer generation in overwhelming numbers entering their retirement years.

By 2030, the 65-plus population will double to about 71.5 million and by 2050 it will grow to 86.7 million people.

This means the largest retirement population the country has every known. For retirees and those nearing retirement it means more questions being asked with fewer answers being found - leading to uncertainty.

Millionaire retirees are experiencing even greater confusion because what once seemed so simple – their life, paycheck and future – is now more complex.

As this generation searches for answers there is a growing recognition of few adequate answers being found.

“A big problem for retirees looking for answers is that the answers are being masked by a financial industry that speaks in ‘financial lingo’, a foreign language really. To create more retirement income and enjoyment, retirees need clear simple answers to their real-world questions” says Barry Spencer, creator of The Wealth With No Regrets Process.

Adding to the complex picture of preparing for and entering retirement is the growing complexity and burden of the tax law that now includes over 37 tax brackets. For instance, the top ten percent of income earners now bear 42% more of the federal income tax being paid.

Additionally, rising healthcare costs, and longer lifestyle needs have taken the fear of outliving their money in retirement to an all time high.

Spencer’s survey revealed that not only financial but personal questions are going unanswered leading to incomplete planning or unexecuted wealth plans which creates more uncertainty.

Even when wealth planning and estate planning has been done most are left wondering if they have done all they can to preserve and protect the hard-earned wealth created.

In his book, "The Secret of Wealth With No Regrets", Spencer provides his unique and unfortunate experience with a wealth plan that didn't work out as his father had conceived in his mind. It's a real-world perspective on protecting and preserving assets.

Rick DeVos, billionaire entrepreneur and owner NBA Orlando Magic says, “Too few wealthy people ask the bigger questions. As the co-founder of a family business who has taken these steps, I can highly recommend Barry Spencer’s book.”

Combining the personal wealth lessons described in Spencer's latest book to the research he and Noble have conducted, plus their personal wealth experiences, and their work with millionaire retirees and future retirees they have designed a special briefing that reveals the five most overlooked tax saving and income generating retirement strategies.

On January 23 in a new for 2014 special briefing Spencer and Noble are providing a free briefing for retirement asset owners. Attendees of this special briefing will learn the five keys to increase income in retirement, how to create substantial tax deductions that increase income, unmask the five wealth predators that steal away a freedom lifestyle, and the three simple actions to take now to more fully enjoy retirement.

There are limited seats available for the January 23 briefing at 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at The Marriott Hotel on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta, Georgia located at GA 400, Exit 11. To reserve one of the free, but limited seats available visit Interested inquires can also call the offices of The Barry H Spencer Companies at 678-278-9632.


Barry H. Spencer is a nationally recognized Author, Financial Speaker, Planned Giving Consultant, Entrepreneur and Wealth Planning Strategist. You may have heard Spencer interviewed recently on radio, including WAFS biz1190 and 680 WCBM. He has written for Pro Sports Wives magazine and appeared in Worth, MoneyShow, CBS MoneyWatch, and interviewed by ABC TV’s “Secret Millionaire” James Malinchak. He and his wife, Lori, and their two children live in Alpharetta, GA. On a personal note, Barry is passionate about retirement and wealth planning because of his father’s charge to take care of his wealth and mother which became a daunting task when his father’s wealth and estate plan failed, which led to financial and personal regrets.

Scott M. Noble, CPA/PFS, is a nationally recognized Speaker, Continuing Education Instructor, Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach and Wealth Planning Strategiest who also educates his peers in the financial industry. He gives presentations to companies, nonprofits, and churches on shoring up money in the short-term for the bigger payoff in the long-term. He and his wife, Denise, and their three daughters live in Alpharetta, GA.

On a personal note, Scott is passionate about retirement and wealth planning because of his personal experience of achieving a financial windfall which he then received incomplete advice on preserving and protecting it thereby losing most of the wealth he had created.

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