April 22 Webinar: Automating SharePoint User Requests

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PremierPoint Solutions will host a free one-hour webinar titled "Automating SharePoint User Requests" April 22 at 11 a.m. EDT.

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Aaron Wood

ChangeBot transforms the way organizations manage change in their SharePoint infrastructure.

PremierPoint Solutions will host a free one-hour webinar titled "Automating SharePoint User Requests" April 22 at 11 a.m. EDT.

Host Aaron Wood, manager of commercial software engineering and support for PremierPoint Solutions, will demonstrate how an automated change attendant called ChangeBot can handle every phase of the change-request process—resulting in a zero-touch solution for processing SharePoint change requests.

Once SharePoint farm administrators have all the settings in place, ChangeBot does the rest so that they never have to touch the process again.

“ChangeBot transforms the way organizations manage change in their SharePoint infrastructure. If you’ve been processing SharePoint change requests manually, and handling a constant onslaught of change requests, then ChangeBot is your new best friend,” Wood said.

To keep in step with the changing needs of business users, Wood noted that there is a constant need for new SharePoint sites, and changes to existing SharePoint sites, in order to support the evolving business.

Most SharePoint users cannot provision new SharePoint sites, increase their storage quotas, activate a SharePoint feature or even change permissions. Instead, users must submit requests for these things to the SharePoint farm administrator, or, in some cases, to the organization’s help desk.

The farm administrator must then follow whatever policies and procedures his or her company requires, and fulfill the users’ requests. Once fulfilled, the administrator must notify the user that the request is complete.

According to Wood, there are some common problems that users and administrators experience with this process, including:

1.    Manual effort. In many organizations, the volume of requests, or the complexity of the requests, make this a process that requires a significant amount of hands-on manual effort.
2.    Time-consumption. It can eat up a lot of the administrator’s time—time that is frequently in short supply.
3.    Backlog pressure. As requests pile up, administrators feel pressured and “under-the-gun.”
4.    User frustration. Slow turn-around times and lack of timely communication regarding the changes can cause users to feel frustrated.
5.    Inadequate record keeping. The process can suffer from inadequate record keeping about what change was requested, by whom, and the results of the request, as administrators are pressured to complete one change and move quickly to the next.

With ChangeBot, an approved user or site owner can select from pre-configured templates to find the exact change he/she needs. This initiates the automated process of approval and the workflow that accomplishes the task—with governance and uniformity standards automatically enforced.

ChangeBot can:
►    Allow approved users or site owners to request changes
►    Manage the approval of changes
►    Change permissions
►    Create a site collection or subsite
►    Perform any of dozens of other activities

One of the greatest benefits of ChangeBot is that it relieves information technology professionals from the backlog of user requests by empowering authorized users to initiate the SharePoint changes that ChangeBot then executes. As a result, IT time and resources can be directed to more important work, while ensuring that company standards, compliance, uniformity and taxonomy remain intact.

Register for the webinar too learn more about how this SharePoint add-in automates each step of the change-request process, from user request to approval to task completion.

Based in Nashville, Tenn., PremierPoint Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a nationwide leader in expert-led in-person and online public classes on SharePoint products and technologies. The company’s software division professionally develops high-quality commercial add-ons for SharePoint.

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