Catholic Theologian Writes New Book on the End Times: "The Great Battle Is Unfolding" -- On the False Prophet, the Great Warning and Miracle, and the Antichrist

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In his easily readable, well-researched, and inspiring new book about the apocalyptic upheaval and the divine plan to bring true peace to the world today, Dr. Kelly Bowring uses solid sources like the Bible, credible Christian prophecy, and regarded heavenly prophecies of our times to detail the coming events of the last great battle, in chronological order, as a truly-inspiring modern Catholic commentary of the Book of Revelation.

From the best-selling author of "The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph" and "The Signs of the Times", comes a new book about the final great battle of the latter times: "The Great Battle Is Unfolding: A Modern Commentary on the Book of Revelation" (

"The great battle described in the Book of Revelation is upon us today, according to the heavenly messages of our times", states Dr. Bowring in his new book, "and all the prophecies contained in it will now unfold in the world." The Apocalypse is really about the seizure of Christ’s Church on earth by his enemies and the final battle for souls. And various credible modern prophecies declare that it has now begun, according to Bowring. In his book, he discusses how Pope Francis quite possibly may be the False Prophet (, and that the Antichrist will rise to fame through brokering the Middle East peace plan between the Jews and Palestinians in Israel.

The Great Battle book relies on two main sources for its prophecies: the Bible, especially the Book of Revelation, and modern Catholic and Christian prophecies and heavenly messages of our times. While the Bible's last book, the Book of Revelation, reveals this 'big picture' of the final battle toward the end of time, modern private revelation provides the 'details' and 'timing' of events. And Dr. Bowring discusses why God is revealing this to us now -- to prepare us and give us hope, and so that the faithful will help mitigate these now unfolding events by prayer and sacrifice, to help save the world in these end times.

According to solid modern prophecy, most of this generation alive in the world today will experience the Day of Christ’s Second Coming in glory. On that Day, Jesus will wipe the Antichrist, the False Prophet (, and all his enemies from the face of the earth, while he takes his faithful to the new Heavens and Earth, the New Paradise, into the Era of Peace, which awaits all people of good will and those who obey the Commandments of God despite these difficult times.

Dr. Bowring's new book uniquely provides a solid sequence of events concerning the Final Great Battle of the Apocalypse, as to what is coming, and is already unfolding today -- including regarding the Tribulation, the Apostasy and Schism (, the Coming War and Disasters, the Great Warning and Miracle, the Renewal, the Antichrist with his New World Order and Religion, the Divine Chastisement, and the Victory -- that awaits those who persevere who will enter the New Era of Peace for a thousand years.

The world is already now beginning to change like never before in history as humanity enters its final battle, and this book discusses the divine road map of safe passage to victory and peace! This book is the most credible, accurate, and comprehensive book on Biblical and Marian prophecy and the end times in the world today!

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