5 Tips For Setting Up An Effective Online Dating Profile

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MyDivorcePapers.com offers tips for creating an attractive online dating persona after divorce.

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Online divorce service MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) knows that many of its clients will soon be reentering the dating world after the divorce is final. If it’s been a while, it can be difficult adjusting to the universally accepted way of meeting new people: online dating. In order to help these new daters as they leave the divorce behind, the company has put together a new tip sheet. Here’s what they recommend.

Tip One: Get an overview.

MDP notes that some things an online dating profile asks will be self-explanatory — single, married, divorced; number of children; occupation — but others will require more thought (i.e. what are you looking for in a relationship?). Before beginning, the company advises the applicant to look over each section and begin thinking about how they will respond to the meatier questions.

Tip Two: Eliminate the little details.

MDP urges applicants to eliminate the smaller fields — name/status/occupation/number of children — first so they can narrow the profile down to the part that really matters — who and what they’re looking for from the online dating website. That can be rather difficult to define while the divorce papers are still fresh in the applicant’s mind, but it will ultimately determine success or failure.

Tip Three: Take your time with the bio.

MDP advises clients not to rush through their bio but to take time, be thoughtful, and not hit publish until the text is an acceptable representation. The company notes that a well-written bio can weed out the bad candidates and make a superior first impression on the next (possible) Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Tip Four: Opt for honesty.

MDP urges applicants not to be dishonest on their profiles. Truth is certainly the best bet if one wants their relationship to have any potential. An online dating profile gives the applicant a chance to get any potential issues out in the open, so both parties go into the first date with eyes wide open. This also means one should use a profile picture that is a fair and accurate representation of what they look like at present. Too often, individuals use older pictures and this immediately calls into question trustworthiness.

Tip Five: Don’t give it all away in the profile.

An online dating profile is not meant to be a life story, MDP points out, adding that a person should save the “best of themselves” for the actual meet-up. The company urges applicants to look at the profile as “attracting attention, not necessarily attracting a mate.”

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