4 Tips On Making New Year’s Resolutions As a Divorcee

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MyDivorcePapers.com offers the recently divorced a few tips on setting realistic New Year's resolutions.

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Online divorce service MyDivorcePapers.com (MDP) understands that the prospect of a New Year can be scary to clients, who are going through or coming out of a divorce. Nevertheless, the company feels it is especially important for these individuals to get on board with creating New Year’s resolutions. To assist in the effort, MDP offers the following tips for making impactful and easy-to-keep resolutions. Here’s what they recommend.

Tip One: Think Of What You Can Change Today.

MDP knows that creating large, challenging New Year’s Resolutions is popular, but this can lead to quick and easy discouragement the first setback that comes along. Rather than jumping on this line of thinking, the company recommends thinking about the things that one can change today with immediate action. They encourage people to target unhealthy routines or behaviors that may they be engaging in on a daily basis and then doing what it takes to set those right.

Tip Two: Don’t Neglect Big Goals, But Do Have A Plan For Reaching Them.

MDP has seen many clients go through the divorce papers who want to lose weight and get in better shape as their first goals. These can’t be done overnight, so the company recommends making those resolutions, but also devising a plan for how to get there. This might entail wanting to lose 40 pounds in a year, thus losing between three and 3.5 pounds per month. What diet and exercise routine would one have to follow to make that happen? That’s what the company means by “having a plan.”

Tip Three: Don’t Give Up When Presented With Setbacks.

MDP knows that the biggest obstacle for both divorced and non-divorced persons in fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions is giving up on the goal at the first sign of setback. Instead of doing this, the company urges divorcees to make recalculation a part of their New Year’s resolutions. From the weight loss example, that would mean losing the three pounds in January, then not losing any in February. To still make the 40-pound goal by the end of the year, the person would have to realize they now have 10 months to lose 37 pounds; therefore, the monthly goal would inch up from around 3.4 pounds per month to 3.7. Not as formidable, but definitely a motivator to recommit!

Tip Four: Set Meaningful Goals.

MDP knows that it’s a rare thing for a person to hit all their New Year’s resolutions each year, but even if said person falls short, he can still make a huge positive impact in his life if he’s setting multiple, meaningful goals. Therefore, the company urges divorcees to choose resolutions that will have a profound impact (for the better) on their lives. Setting five and only accomplishing two by the end of the year still takes one to a better place than where they were before.

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