Preventing Drug Abuse is Critical to Reduce Adolescent Hospitalizations

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Harbor Village Florida comments on effective ways to promote prevention of substance abuse, and is supported by evidence that prevention will save the nation money.

Taking the necessary precautions to teach children from an early age how to effectively manage emotional trauma is an imperative means to avoid substance abuse, according to the Democrat & Chronicle who published their findings on December 31st. Encouraging young adults to communicate openly is an essential tool promoting sound judgement when encountering daily stress. In fact, self-medicating is one of the principal offenders among young people, and leads to the potentially fatal mismanagement of illicit substances. Recently the National Institute on Drug Abuse has encouraged prevention by providing workshops, encouraging abstinence and good habits.

The notion of abstinence is typically not enough to deter people with obsessive-prone personalities to avoid addictive substances. Teaching the general populace pragmatic ways of dealing with stress can greatly reduce the number of people who abuse drugs and alcohol. The benefits of prevention are insurmountable when the numbers are examined. A 2011 report conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University mourns that “Teen substance use or addiction is the origin of the largest preventable and most costly public health problem in America today.” Substance abuse related costs- including juvenile justice programs- totes a gargantuan price tag, totalling nationally at $468 billion annually.

Prevention workshop efforts can reduce inpatient rehab drug service costs by up to $10 per client; however, these expenses are completely bypassed when teens do not require drug rehabilitation services. Additionally, the quality of societal life is improved when there is a complete absence of substance abuse. Getting involved with the community is an essential way to stave off the habits of drug abuse, ranging from teens, young adults, and beyond. Successful drug prevention penchants begin at home and can range from the simple encouragement of recreational activities, positive socialization, honest accounts of drug use, and the constructive reinforcement of achievements.

Regrettably, prevention cannot stave off drug use for everyone, often directly related to genetic predispositions to addiction and negative environmental stimulus. In response to care for the community at large, Harbor Village Detox was founded on the principle of giving people a second chance at life. The luxury inpatient rehab drug center is located in sunkissed South Florida and offers residents state-of-the-art detox health care. Recently JCAHO accredited, the award winning staff at Harbor Village Detox is available 24/7 to give clients the help that they need, in a lush spa environment. The facility is equipped with private bedrooms, gourmet meals, and leisure amenities. Aiming to provide superior care and life saving treatment, Harbor Village Detox is a champion of prevention, and when that fails, their facility is available to render aid.

For more information on effective inpatient drug rehab services detox treatment visit, or call directly 1-855-290-4261.

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