Recreational Legalization of Marijuana Leads to Mass Hospitalization, Colorado

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Harbor Village Florida comments on rising marijuana THC concerns, and recommends immediate drug detox therapy.

Marijuana usage is in full-swing in Colorado, who has recently legalized the use of recreational marijuana. According to a Forbes article published on December 9th, there exist a myriad of health complications that are plaguing the users of the allegedly harmless recreational drug. Espoused with intrinsic dangers that the drug posses, including THC poisoning in children, the drug promotes dangerous behavior, and has hospitalized many burn patients, in their pursuit to extract potent levels of THC from the plant. Harbor Village Florida is an award winning inpatient drug detox center, accredited by the Joint Commission, that treats the local community for drug addiction; although Florida did not legalize medical marijuana during the last campaign, the center is still seeing the effects of marijuana adversely affect the community.

Forbes reports that Colorado presently has 300 retail centers selling marijuana, which are open to anyone over the age of 21. Customers are unable to openly use marijuana publically, similarly to open container regulations revolving alcohol consumption. In response to this stipulation, businesses have embraced opening a new marketplace: edible marijuana products.

Marketing marijuana as flavorful and colorful candies, baked goods, and a plethora of confections, children have been reported to consume these goods. Denver-area hospitals are seeing an influx of children admitted for care because they are suffering from marijuana intoxication. Half of the 14 reported cases resulted admission into intensive care units (ICU). Potent doses of THC levels (found in marijuana) manifest respiratory depression in children.

Additionally, edible marijuana products are not yet tested for THC levels, and depend entirely on the soundness of packaging claims. Regrettably, the labeling of THC levels has proven itself inaccurate. Allegedly, once tested by The Denver Post THC levels in marijuana products were one to one-half more than the labeled amount.

Disregarding the potential threat of THC levels, users of marijuana are beginning to extract the essence of THC with butane, for a longer lasting high. This process has been named “dabbing” by users. 31 cases of burn victims have been reported by the University of Colorado. Some victims suffered from 70% of their bodies requiring skin grafts.

Extenuating existing medical conditions, marijuana has been reported to heightened paranoia and anxiety. Out of 2,000 patients receiving treatment, 15% of them suffered from marijuana related ailments.

Harbor Village Florida is continuing to expand its own means of combating marijuana abuse for the well being of its patients. The medical professionals at its facility recommend close monitoring of past abusers until the chances of relapse have severely diminished with effective medical inpatient drug rehab service treatment.

Earning the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of approval last year, Harbor Village Florida is committed to helping rehabilitate those suffering from substance abuse and debilitating drug addiction. Its facility is equipped with attentively friendly nurses available 24/7, and assist clients with medical and psychological treatment. Located in sunbathed south Florida, the facility heralds a lofty atmosphere, surrounded by lush spa areas, luxury amenities, and life changing inpatient drug rehab services.

For more information regarding inpatient drug rehab services, visit their website at, or call their 24/7 hotline at 1-855-290-4261 today.

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