The Congressional Ban of Medical Marijuana Comes to an End

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Harbor Village Florida warns against the wanton use of marijuana, and implores recreational and medical users alike to receive necessary marijuana education.

Harbor Village implores those in need of medical marijuana use the drug only as prescribed by a certified medical doctor.

According to an article published by the the L.A. Times on Dec. 18th, 2014, congress surreptitiously ended the medical marijuana prohibition era in the obscure pages of the federal spending measure, which totaled 1,603 pages. Medical marijuana is an important medicine for many medical patients, yet it is a high-risk drug for abuse. In light of this abolished legislation, states where medical marijuana is legal will not be subjected to random seizures. Harbor Village Florida is an inpatient drug rehab service that specializes in treating patients suffering from drug addiction. Conversely, the rehabilitation center is a proponent of marijuana use for patients in medical need, and stresses the necessity of proper prevention education and responsible medical usage.

The lifted ban is a keystone shift in future drug-related policies nationally. As such, lawmakers are seeking to repeal “medical” stipulations to recreational use. The divide among the people and policy makers alike will merit a lengthy battle for a national consensus.

As a lobbyist with the Drug Policy Alliance, Bill Piper says, “The war on medical marijuana is over, now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana. This is the strongest signal we have received from Congress [that] the policies have really shifted.”

States that have already legalized recreational marijuana - including Washington and Colorado - are embarking on new ventures in edible marijuana- which may be adversely effecting those who consume it, as the THC levels appear to be augmented when consumed. Additionally, there has been mislabeling of THC on packaging, resulting in health ailments.

Protecting teens and children from abusing medical marijuana is becoming a top priority in these states. Recent marijuana awareness and education campaigns will launch in 2015, in an effort to educate the public on the responsible use of marijuana to avoid the need of inpatient drug rehab services. These lectures will be similar to that of the responsible use of alcohol seminars.

In the midst of the changing face of drug legislation, Harbor Village Florida seeks to prepare its facility for uncertain future outcomes. The award winning medical staff recommends that eager users of marijuana for recreational purposes are cautious in their approach, as to avoid the need for inpatient drug rehab services. Additionally, Harbor Village implores those in need of medical marijuana use the drug only as prescribed by a certified medical doctor.

Located in the southern sunshine state, Florida, Harbor Village is an award winning inpatient drug rehab service center, whose aim is to revitalize the community’s drug addicts with 24 hour treatment. The center features dreamy spa getaways, luxury amenities, and offers imperative psychological care and stress management. Harbor Village Florida strives to exceed the needs of their clients so that they can lead a lucrative life.

For more information regarding inpatient drug rehab services, visit or call 1-855-290-4261 directly.

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