DK Photonics Technology Held a Seminar Introducing CWDM Products

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Today, DK Photonics Technology, one of the leading companies designing and manufacturing high quality optical passive components, held a seminar introducing CWDM Products.

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Today, DK Photonics Technology, one of the leading companies designing and manufacturing high quality optical passive components, held a seminar introducing CWDM Products.

According to the senior engineer of DK Photonics, CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a technology which multiplexes multiple optical signals on one fiber optic strand by making use of different wavelengths, or colors, of laser light to hold different signals. CWDM technology uses ITU standard 20nm spacing within the wavelengths, from 1270nm to 1610nm.

Learn more information about CWDM products from the seminar:

CWDM in comparison with DWDM
WDM systems are divided into different wavelength patterns, conventional/coarse (CWDM) and dense (DWDM). DWDM systems require complex calculations of balance of power per channel, which is further complicated when channels are added and removed or when it’s utilized in DWDM networks ring, particularly if systems incorporate optical amplifiers.

CWDM Function
CWDM modules perform two functions. First, they filter the lighting, ensuring only the desired wavelengths are used. Second, they multiplex or demultiplex multiple wavelengths, which are put on just one fiber link. The real difference is in the wavelengths, which might be used. In CWDM space, the 1310-band as well as the 1550-band are broken into smaller bands, each only 20-nm wide. Inside multiplex operation, the multiple wavelength bands are combined onto just one fiber. Within the demultiplex operation, the multiple wavelength bands are separated from one fiber.

Generally, a CWDM network takes two forms. A point-to-point system connects two locations, muxing and demuxing multiple signals for a passing fancy fiber. A loop or multi-point system connects multiple locations, typically using Add/Drop modules.

CWDM Modules Types
CWDM Modules utilize thin-film coating and micro optics package technology. CWDM modules consider two main configurations: CWDM Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (CWDM Demux) modules and CWDM Add/Drop Multiplexer (CWDM OADM) modules.

CWDM Mux/demux are created to multiplex multiple CWDM channels into One or two fibers. Within a hybrid configuration (mux/demux), multiple transmit and receive signals can be combined onto a single fiber. Each signal is assigned a different wavelength. At each and every end, transmit signals are muxed, while receive signals are demuxed. CWDM Mux/demux can be a flexible plug-and-play network solution, allowing carriers and enterprise companies to cheaply implement examine point or ring based WDM optical networks. CWDM Mux/demux is modular, scalable and it’s perfectly suited to transport PDH, SDH / SONET, ETHERNET services over WWDM, CWDM and DWDM in optical metro edge and access networks.

The most popular configuration of CWDM mux/demux is 2CH, 4CH, 5CH, 8CH, 9CH, 16CH and 18CH CWDM MUX/DEMUX. and also Compact CWDM module, 3 Single fiber or dual fiber connection for CWDM Mux/demux can also be found. These modules passively multiplex the optical signal outputs from 4 or higher electronics, send to them merely one optical fiber and then de-multiplex the signals into separate, distinct signals for input into technology along at the opposite end in the fiber optic link.

According to the senior engineer, the raw materials they used are of top quality, and the team of QA engineers ensures that all their products meet strict international quality standards. The company's state-of-the-art design capabilities enable DK Photonics to rapidly deliver a broad range of high-quality products to meet customer specifications and requirements. DK Photonics has received ISO 9001:2008 certification.

About DK Photonics
Founded in 2010, DK Photonics Technology Co., Limited designs, manufactures and markets fiber optic components for fiber laser, fiber sensor and fiber optic telecommunication applications based on proprietary technology, mature experience and patents. DK Photonics has a group who has more than eight years working experience experts in the field of optical components and optical fiber laser; they formed our professional high-end R&D team. Visit to find more details.

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