Heroin Addiction is Claiming the Lives of Thousands in Afghanistan

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Harbor Village Florida comments on rampant heroin use in Afghanistan, and supports prevention tactics to rectify the growing concern.

In the face of the U.S’s own drug addiction problems Harbor Village Florida’s specialists agree that the need to revamp prevention tactics are essential.

Afghanistan is alight with a severe heroin addiction epidemic. The Washington Post reported on Jan. 7th that heroin usage in Afghanistan skyrocketed after the American invasion of 2001. The Kabul River serves as a refugee and a resting ground for men young and old who are addicted to the opiate-based addictive. Police enforcement have attempted to assuage the situation by arresting drug dealers making drug deals, yet for every arrest made there appears to be no end to the dissemination of the drug. Harbor Village Florida is an inpatient drug rehab service facility helping its community to overcome drug addiction, and supports prevention methods to help end drug addiction globally.

The Washington Post estimates that there are approximately 1.6 million drug users in Afghanistan’s cities, which equates to 5.2 percent of the Afghan population. In 2009 there were 940,000 drug users. There are speculations that approximately three million more drug addicts reside in the countryside.

The cause of the spike in drug usage has been tied to the reproduction of the poppy plant, wherein 5 percent of the plant is used directly by the Afghanistan population, reports the Washington Post. The Taliban once acknowledged the danger of the poppy plant, and sought to have its production eradicated, yet after becoming a militant force, their philosophy changed and encouraged its cultivation.

According to the Washington Post, drug addicts report that they have turned to heroin in response to unemployment or to cope from coming back as wartime exiles of Iran and Pakistan. Additionally, men young and old begin taking heroin to increase their ability to work long hours. Regrettably, heroine builds a tolerance in the body quickly, and demands higher potencies be consumed to achieve the same effects.

The Washington Post reveals grueling stories of tribulation from addicts who pay “Doctors” $.20 to “find veins that [have] not collapsed from overuse.” Currently there are 2,000 police officers nationwide assigned to combat narcotics. However, presently their methods have proven to be ineffective.

In the face of the U.S’s own drug addiction problems Harbor Village Florida’s specialists agree that the need to revamp prevention tactics are essential. Drug prevention seminars are being deployed across the nation, and the states are seeing a decrease in teenage drug use, according to the NIH on Dec. 16th.

Although prevention tactics are not a foolproof means to prevent drug addiction and substance abuse, there are centers with dedicated staff to help steer the affected to healthy lives. Harbor Village Florida is located in sunny south Florida and provides superior inpatient drug rehab services; their center has recently earned accreditation by The Joint Commission, and provides recovering addicts with the tools to lead lucrative lives. Their facility includes luxury amenities, 24 hour medical and psychological support, and encourages addicts to re-establish social ties with their communities.

For more information about Harbor Village Florida’s inpatient drug rehab services visit their website at http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call directly 1-855-290-4261.

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